Boiler Installation and More: Is It Time to Replace Your Home Boiler?

Your boiler is one of your home’s most important features—much of your comfort, health, and well being during the cold season depends on your boiler running optimally. It’s crucial to know just how efficiently your boiler is running. Likewise, you also need to know when to replace your home boiler before it costs you more to repair it than to replace it.

Should You Replace Your Home Boiler?

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your old boiler?

The trick is to know if the boiler is near the end of its lifespan. One of the main criteria is the condition the different parts that comprise the boiler assembly including the metal, brickwork, burner, and electronics. If even one of these parts is in bad shape, then that’s a good sign to have your boiler replaced.

Warning signs of a failing boiler

A failing boiler does not only add a significant amount to your energy bills, it also poses a risk to your health. I t pays to know some of the warning signs that indicate your boiler may need replacing. Below are some of them:

A hefty spike in your energy bills

Boilers often lose efficiency as they age. Eventually, you’ll need to push them to get the same amount of heat you’re used to. This will cause your energy bills to go up. Over time, the amount you pay for wasted energy could have served you better by buying a new, energy-efficient boiler.

Frequent repairs

Boilers invite the most repairs in the last two years of their lifespan. Likewise, it’s going to get harder to find replacement parts, which means lengthy cold winter nights on your end.

A new boiler installation can mean lower energy bills, more comfortable interiors, and worry-free operation. Get in touch with an HVAC professional to identify the type, size, and brand of boiler that suits your needs.

Home Boiler Replacement

Replacing a boiler in a London Home

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