Boiler Installation: Understand Your Boiler Efficiency Ratings

You must factor in several considerations before looking for a new boiler for your home. One top concern that you must never forget is the efficiency rating of the device. However, not many homeowners clearly understand what boiler efficiency is and are, therefore, unable to make the best decision, on  a boiler installation, in this respect.

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What Makes a Boiler Installation Efficient?

According to experts, 60 percent of electricity bills comprise of heating costs. With such figures in mind, you need to ensure that your heating system consumes as little power as possible while serving your needs appropriately. An energy efficient boiler is one that meets these requirements.

Boiler Efficiency Calculations

There exist various efficiency rating standards that you can use to identify the best boiler to pick. In the United Kingdom, the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers (SEDBUK) is applicable. The efficiency ratings come in alphabetic letters where A denotes a very efficient boiler, and G symbolises an inefficient one.

Additionally, you may get efficiency ratings in percentages with 90 being indicative of a device that will serve you well in this regard. The ratings show the percentage of fuel that the boiler transforms into heat. A device with a score of 85, for instance, is one that converts 85% of fuel to heat while the remaining 15% escapes up a home’s chimney.

Information Sources for Efficient Units

It makes a lot of sense to get credible boiler efficiency information as this is the only way to make sound choices. Consequently, you may visit the SEDBUK home page for this information or check out boiler efficiency reviews online. However, it is only with the help of a boiler installation professional that you can make the best selection since there are numerous makes and models of devices available.

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