Boiler Installation: Why It Is Sensible to Call an Expert Plumber

A boiler installation isn’t your typical DIY job. It requires technical skills that can be learned through formal training. To ensure that your boiler will be installed safely and efficiently, your best course of action is to hire a professional plumber.

The Law Regarding DIY Boiler Installations

A Boiler installation involves working with gases, usually the flammable ones. Therefore, it’s illegal for those who are not Gas Safe Registered to be commissioned to install boilers. Those installing a boiler in a non-work capacity must be competent enough to carry out the job safely.

The term “competent” is open to interpretation, but it’s generally accepted that someone who is competent enough to install a boiler safely has had the necessary training. Specifically they are required to apply for the Gas Safe Register. Applicants, however, don’t necessarily need to be on the register to carry out the job legally. This is all according to the Gas Regulations 1998 and essentially means 99% of people should just call a qualified plumber.

Why There Are Laws for Working with Gas Boiler Installations In London

Improper boiler installation may lead to life-threatening accidents. Unfortunately, some people take the risk of doing the installation themselves in order to save money. In effect, many get involved in fatal accidents associated with poor boiler installation. For an idea of why it’s worth calling in a professional, here are the main safety concerns:

• Carbon monoxide poisoning. An undetectable kind of poisonous gas, carbon monoxide can impede breathing, which if not abated right away can have fatal consequences.
• While other gases used in a boiler system may not be as poisonous as CO, they are flammable enough to cause huge explosions.
• Fires can also result from a poorly installed boiler. Rather than safely burning away, gas feeding a boiler may ignite, leaking gas and spreading fire to areas around the home.

Boiler installation in North London

A recent Vaillant boiler installation I carried out

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