Your Boiler Installation: What Are The Combi Boiler Alternatives

The combi boiler is the most commonly used type of boiler in the U.K., While it does offer benefits such as unlimited access to hot water whenever you need it, a combi may not be the best option for your boiler installation in all situations. If there are a lot of people in your home, and it is likely that multiple hot taps will be running at the same time, then you may be better looking at different boiler types.

There are essentially three different types of boiler. Along with the combi, there are also system boilers and conventional boilers.

Your Boiler Installation, What Are The Choices?

Your Boiler Installation

A North London boiler installation

System Boiler Installation

A system boiler uses a cylinder in which water is stored and heated before use. You do need to find somewhere to house the cylinder though. You won’t receive instant access to hot water at all times.

Once the water from your cylinder is used up, you will have to wait for another cylinder of water to be heated. This may be a more practical solution for homes with multiple bathrooms and hot water taps that will be used at any one time. They are more convenient than conventional boilers, which require room for both a cylinder and a water tank.

Conventional Boiler Installation

Conventional boilers are most often used for boiler installation in properties that already have a conventional heating system . As well as a hot water cylinder, which is normally located in the bathroom. They also require a cold water tank to be fitted in the loft. If you have no loft, or you want to convert your loft, then this type of system may not be a practical solution.

Like a system boiler, you don’t necessarily get instant access to hot water. This type of boiler can be used in homes where multiple hot water taps and hot water appliances are run at the same time.

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