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Boiler Installation Advice - North LondonLB Plumbing and Heating in Harrow, London, has published an article that stresses the value of the new Combi boiler for homes that have very little space for boilers. “Good boiler installation advice is difficult to find and people certainly appreciate great things in small packages, and those living in flats are no exception. This makes Combi boiler systems a top choice for flat dwellers,” explained Ray Le Blanc, owner of LB Plumbing and Heating, which provides boiler installation in London.

The company has been offering expert boiler installation advice in the north London area for years. Ray  has assisted many consumers with the selection of a system that is right for their individual needs. The Combi system features a simple design. The boiler is linked to the main water supply with pipes connected to hot water outlets and radiators. LB states that there is no need for hot and cold water tanks that take up a lot of space. The system comes in various sizes. So those needing more radiators can have them installed and linked to the boiler.

Various manufacturers offer the system, which provides an efficiency grade of more than 90 percent and offers a hot water output of nearly 23 kilowatts. “It is perfect,” says Anita W., who lives in a small flat in the heart of London. She adds, “There just isn’t space for a larger unit, and this one is just the right size. It gives me the hot water I need, keeps my flat just the right temperature and takes up so little space that you really don’t know it’s there.”

Tips On Getting Great Boiler Installation Advice

Heating and plumbing experts agree that using the right sized boiler is crucial for keeping indoor temperatures comfortable while cutting down on energy costs. An experienced and well-knowledgeable installer is also important. LB Plumbing and Heating has experts on Combi boiler installation in London, and can provide free estimates for the cost of the new system. “We just want to ensure that everyone has the right boiler for their comfort and space needs,” says Le Blanc.

For more information about the Combi system, consumers are urged to contact an experienced team for a boiler installation London, such as LB Plumbing and Heating.


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