Boiler Problems: Why is the Boiler in My Home Losing Pressure?

A boiler installation in Hampstead.

A boiler losing pressure is a symptom of many issues that commonly arise with boilers. A low pressure boiler is quite simple to identify, as most boilers today come with a built-in pressure gauge. Sometimes, it’s possible to solve your boiler’s loss of pressure yourself.

Three Boiler Problems To Look Out For

What causes a boiler’s pressure to drop?

A number of reasons can lead to pressure drop in your boiler. One of the most common is a leak somewhere in your boiler system. Look for any visible signs of leak. Start with the pressure release pipe that goes from the outside to the boiler. If there is no visible leak, there could be in parts of the pipes covered by flooring or walls.

Another reason is a problem inside the boiler itself, such as a failing pressure release valve. You can tell that the problem is inside the boiler if water is coming out of the discharge pipe. Similarly, if you bled your radiators recently, it’s possible that pressure was lost then.

How to raise the pressure back to normal

Each boiler comes with an owner’s manual with a chapter or two on troubleshooting the boiler. Refer to your manual and check out the instructions on re-pressurizing the boiler yourself. You may also want to check the rear of your boiler control panel, as these may come with similar instructions. However, it your boiler panel requires the use of tools before it can be removed, it’s better to let a certified boiler technician handle it.

An important tip to keep in mind when filling your boiler: be careful not to overfill it or do so too often because this can damage the boiler.

What if that doesn’t work?

If your boiler’s pressure is still below normal even after you’ve followed your boiler’s re-pressurizing instructions, there’s really not much you can do except call a boiler replacement and installation technician who can diagnose and repair the problem.

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