Broken Boiler: Important Tips When Choosing Your New Replacement Boiler

Replacing a boiler isn’t always a simple process of choosing a new boiler by asking your plumber. Although you can sit back and leave everything to your plumber, it is always prudent to consider several important factors before you finally make the decision. It is critical, for example, to carefully consider which type is right or whether you want to upgrade from your previous model.

Choosing A New Boiler

There are many different types of boiler to choose from.

Choosing A New Boiler

Some considerations include:

Choosing the Right Boiler Model

Even though you might have done all the required research when buying your first boiler, it’s a wise idea to brush up your information on the currently available models to ensure you get the best deal for your needs. Don’t just rush to replace the broken boiler with the same model.

Getting Similar-Sized Boiler Unit

It could be very tempting to choose a more elaborate or fancier boiler, but remember that it could bring complications as it may not snugly fit into your current space. Ensure you measure all boiler replacement options and then pick one that is either exactly the same size as your old boiler or just slightly larger or smaller.

Test all Boiler Switches and Controls

This might sound obvious, but it is vital that you personally test all the unit levers, controls, plus the thermostats to ensure you will manage to operate them. It may not function properly if you can’t work them after the installation.

Verify Product Boiler Warranty

Ensure to get a full product warranty with your replacement boiler unit and note the duration of guarantee coverage.

A damaged or faulty boiler is expensive to run and creates safety risks within your home. Home solution companies, such as LB Plumbing & Heating, ensure you get quality products with certified warranties. They also guarantee no mess left behind and that your surfaces and carpets are covered.

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