A Combi Boiler Replacement Can Add More Space in a Home

Just like any equipment in the home, boilers are subject to wear and tear. After numerous repairs, it becomes apparent to homeowners and their plumbers that boilers need replacement. Sometimes a replacement becomes necessary when the old boiler does not compliment the new look you desire in a home renovation exercise. Either way, both reasons present excellent opportunities to create space in your home by choosing a combi boiler replacement.

Combi Boiler Replacement

A Recent replacement with a combi boiler in Hampstead, North London

Reasons To Go With A Combi Boiler Replacement

Two for One Boiler Service

Due to their ability to provide on-demand heating and hot water for domestic use, combination boilers are becoming more popular by the day. Combi boilers provide two for one service that you would get from a separate central heating boiler and a hot water boiler.

No Water Storage Cylinders

People who live in small homes are continuously looking for ways to increase their living spaces. Replacing their old conventional boilers with combi alternatives offers a good way of meeting this objective since the former usually take up a lot of space. A combi boiler replacement does not mean that you will need a large storage cylinder, and this means that it can fit into most storage spaces. Keeping the boiler away will create space in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Compact Boiler Size

Combi boilers are compact in size, and this is the best feature for people who want to save space in their houses. Since a combi boiler is small, your plumber can easily mount it on the wall, leaving space for other uses. Another attribute of combination boilers is that they come with multiple options of venting, and this means that you can hang them on exterior walls as well.

Minimal Piping

Some boilers require intricate piping that takes up a lot of space. Combi boilers, however, do not require much piping. Once a plumber replaces the old piping with the minimal pipes needed by your new boiler you will have additional space.

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