Replacing your Old Boiler can Benefit the Environment and your Pocket

Since 2010, it has been law in the UK for all new and replacement boilers to be condensing boilers. This is hugely beneficial to the environment, as condensing boilers are highly energy efficient, converting up to 90% of the fuel they use into useful heat. This is compared to an average of 60% for older boilers.

Types of Boilers

There are three types of high efficiency condensing boilers available, namely combination, system, and heat-only boilers.

Combination boilers are combined water and central heating systems. They save space by not requiring a separate hot water cylinder, which also results in cheaper installation costs. They deliver hot water through taps and showers at mains pressure.

System boilers do require a separate hot water cylinder, but the main components are built into the boiler itself, for ease of installation. These boilers can supply hot water to any number of taps simultaneously, and are compatible with solar heating systems.

Heat-Only boilers are conventional boilers with a cold water tank and a small expansion tank. These can be good replacement boilers in homes with older radiator systems, as they deliver water at a lower pressure than other boilers.

Boilers are available with different heat outputs to suit different sizes of homes. If you are considering a boiler replacement for maximum energy efficiency, it is very important to choose the right size. It is also worth taking account the SEDBUK rating of your chosen model. This stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. Boilers are rated for energy efficiency from A to G.

Boiler replacement can also be financially beneficial. A more efficient boiler can reduce the cost of heating your home by up to 40%, making it one of the most practical ways to help save the planet, and save yourself money at the same time.


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