Three and a bit reasons to replace your boiler

Let’s face it. Boiler replacement is a boring subject and involves a capital cost. As humans these are two very good reasons to avoid this. Let me give you three (and a bit) reasons why you might want this on your todo list.

Living in A Warm and Quiet House

A boiler nearing the end of its life won’t keep the entire house warm and may make annoying noises (kettling). Regardless of temperature settings, the radiators probably won’t get as hot as they did when the equipment was running efficiently. A new boiler will be quiet and efficient.

Lower Energy Bills

When a boiler isn’t working efficiently, it costs more to operate. Quite simply older boilers are likely to need to run longer to produce the same amount of hot water. Increased energy costs might be the result of an inefficient boiler. New boilers are more efficient and require less energy to produce the same results.

Reduced maintenance costs

Older boilers are often difficult or expensive to repair as components for them may not be available. Like all devices you depend upon they can be trusted to break down at the most inconvenient time leaving you without heat or hot water until they can be repaired or replaced.

In short

While some companies will try to tell you that energy savings will be significant unfortunately the statistics in these reports tend to compare very old equipment to the most efficient models on the market today.

Although your savings might be more modest, emergency repair costs will vanish, and that could result in substantial savings for a family whose boiler has been breaking down regularly for the past couple of years.

Surely having a warm and safe house is priceless!

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