Tips on Boiler Replacement: Choosing between Combi and System Boiler

Boiler technology has come a long way. Newer models are providing better services when heating and are simpler to operate as well. If you are still using a boiler from 10 to15 years ago, then you are shortchanged. It might be time to think about a boiler replacement. Read these tips on boiler replacement and make a better choice. Understandably, picking a boiler for replacement is a daunting endeavour; however, it helps to know the difference between the options available. First things first: whatever make and model of boiler you get for the upgrade, it will be a condensing boiler.

Top Tips On Boiler Replacemnt

The Condensing Factor

Since 2005, it became mandatory for all U.K. residents to fit condensing gas boilers. The same goes for oil boilers since 2007. The reason is that a condensing boiler system reduces the carbon footprint. Their design allows them to recover latent heat from waste gases through condensation of water vapour into water. A condensing system provides about 90% efficiency.

Combi vs. System Boilers

When looking at boiler replacement options, one of the decisions to make is whether to go with a combination or system boiler. A combination (combi) boiler provides heating for a hot water system and radiators as well. One reason to pick a combi is that it is relatively small compared to a system boiler,making it suitable for a homeowner with space constraints. The boiler’s compact nature makes it easy to install. Additionally, it doesn’t need peripherals such as a cold water storage tank, so installing it won’t take too much time as well as space in your property. It will cost less to have a combi boiler replacement.

With a system boiler, you get heating for hot water only. This option is suitable for larger homes as it takes up quite a bit of space. The advantage you get with a system boiler is always having hot water in your taps when it’s needed. It is also a high-pressure system, meaning no problems of reduced flow rates. If you have an unvented cylinder system boiler, expect incredible efficiency. Since it’s connected to the water mains, it negates the need for a feed and expansion tank.

Boiler Replacement Tips

A boiler replacement project in London NW3

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