When to Replace Your Boiler: Watch Out for the Right Indicators

An improperly functioning boiler can cost a household up to £300 pounds a year in excess heating costs. Not only can this weigh heavy upon one’s bank account, but it is likely that the amount of heat provided is not sufficient. What are some of the signs that you may need to replace your boiler with a newer, more efficient model?

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Three Reasons To Replace Your Boiler

1. Rust and Leaks

This is the most common indicator that you need to replace your boiler and a failure could be just around the corner. Any rust around pipes is a sign that gaskets and other mechanisms have become worn out over time. Taking a walk around the unit with a torch and checking for pooled water is another way to determine if leaks are present. Should rust or water be found, it is likely that the boiler is no longer functioning properly.

2. Insufficient Supplies of Hot Water

Although no rust or detectable leaks may be present, this does not necessarily signify that the boiler is as efficient as it once was. Another sure-fire sign that there is a problem revolves around the pronounced lack of hot water. There could be issues with a pilot light or a filter may be clogged. Either way, obtaining the advice of a trained professional is the best way to determine the problem and the solution.

3. Boiler Age

Boilers that are older than 10 years are often replaced due to the fact that the government now offers “green” incentives that can help to pay for a new unit. This is an excellent way to offset the costs while ensuring that the newer model provides maximum levels of efficiency.

Much like any other home improvement project, it is best to replace a boiler at the first sign of trouble as opposed to waiting until a real problem develops.

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