Time for A Boiler Replacement If You Have Uncontrollable Energy Bills

It’s winter, and it’s cold, and it’s wet – outside. Do you relax in your front room in your bathrobe, the kids running around still in their pyjamas? Or do you sit huddled in a duvet, the kids staying in bed trying to keep warm because you can’t afford to turn the heating up? Maybe it’s time for a boiler replacement.

In an average UK home, heating the house or flat accounts for 55% of the energy cost, and in most cases that means your gas boiler. Whether you rent or own your home, maybe now is the time to consider getting those heating costs down in time for next winter.

Time For A Boiler Replacement

A boiler replacement project in North London

Government Grants Are There To Help When Its Time For A Boiler Replacement

Of course, getting your energy costs down isn’t just about boilers. If you live in an older property which still has minimum insulation, getting that upgraded at the same time will make a massive difference to your bills.

The big plus is, with the UK government focusing on reducing the country’s overall carbon footprint, there are a plethora of grants and rebates available to encourage households to replace old boilers and improve insulation in their own homes.

Energy Efficient Boilers

Boiler replacement from an old gas or oil fired boiler to a new ‘A’ rated boiler can save up to £300 a year, depending on whether you live in a flat, semi, or detached house, and that’s just the boiler. Even now, for many households there are still FREE boiler replacements available under the governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

If you’re still unsure if its time for a boiler replacement or you don’t know how to proceed, or what type of boiler best suits your needs, contact a local plumbing and heating company such as LB Plumbing & Heating who have years of experience in boiler replacement.

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