Choosing a Replacement Boiler

If your gas boiler is more than about 10 years old you may get more reliable performance, and save money in fuel costs, by replacing it. Here’s the least you need to know:

Types of Boiler

There are two main types of gas boiler, Traditional boilers – which store their hot water in an insulated hot water tank and Combi boilers, which produce hot water on demand.

Combi boilers usually require simpler and less expensive plumbing, provide the ability to have a bath or shower on demand with no need to wait for water to heat up, and use less fuel. Traditional boilers can have the edge where large amounts of the hot water are needed at the same time for example in a larger house with multiple bathrooms.

While replacing an older traditional boiler with a fuel efficient Combi is often a good idea this will often involve replacement of some of the existing plumbing.

Energy Ratings

These rate efficiency, the amount of gas turned to heat on a range from A to G. You’ve probably seen the rating stickers on electrical appliances like fridges and washing machines. A-rated appliances should be extracting 90% or more of the energy from the gas. Older boilers ae much less effective and become less efficient as they age. Replacing an older boiler with a more efficient boiler will save you money on your energy bill.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss this. I’m happy to advise and quote you for a replacement if you choose to do this.

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