Boiler Replacement: What Are The Long-Term Financial Benefits

The majority of a household energy bill is likely to be made up of hot water and heating costs, and as these systems are controlled by the boiler in your home, it is essential that you have a suitable and high-quality boiler installed. Having a boiler replacement not only means that you could save money on your monthly energy bill, but it also means that you can enjoy a more appropriate heating and hot water system that matches your requirements. What’s more, you could be eligible for funding to help with the costs.

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A Combi Boiler Replacement Can Add More Space in a Home

Just like any equipment in the home, boilers are subject to wear and tear. After numerous repairs, it becomes apparent to homeowners and their plumbers that boilers need replacement. Sometimes a replacement becomes necessary when the old boiler does not compliment the new look you desire in a home renovation exercise. Either way, both reasons present excellent opportunities to create space in your home by choosing a combi boiler replacement.

Combi Boiler Replacement

A Recent replacement with a combi boiler in Hampstead, North London

Reasons To Go With A Combi Boiler Replacement

Two for One Boiler Service

Due to their ability to provide on-demand heating and hot water for domestic use, combination boilers are becoming more popular by the day. Combi boilers provide two for one service that you would get from a separate central heating boiler and a hot water boiler.

No Water Storage Cylinders

People who live in small homes are continuously looking for ways to increase their living spaces. Replacing their old conventional boilers with combi alternatives offers a good way of meeting this objective since the former usually take up a lot of space. A combi boiler replacement does not mean that you will need a large storage cylinder, and this means that it can fit into most storage spaces. Keeping the boiler away will create space in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Compact Boiler Size

Combi boilers are compact in size, and this is the best feature for people who want to save space in their houses. Since a combi boiler is small, your plumber can easily mount it on the wall, leaving space for other uses. Another attribute of combination boilers is that they come with multiple options of venting, and this means that you can hang them on exterior walls as well.

Minimal Piping

Some boilers require intricate piping that takes up a lot of space. Combi boilers, however, do not require much piping. Once a plumber replaces the old piping with the minimal pipes needed by your new boiler you will have additional space.

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Boiler Replacement Can Solve the Challenges of Your Corroded Boiler

After some time, a boiler may get corrosion that quickly destroys it and makes it unsafe and inefficient. Corrosion in a boiler results when dissolved oxygen mixes with water. The corrosion causes holes in the boiler that later get hidden from you by blisters and scabs. Over time, the damaged section spreads and reaches the metallic part of the boiler, causing the device’s failure.

Corroded Boiler Replacement Stanmore

Replacement of a corroded boiler in Stanmore, North London

How To Spot A Corroded Boiler

Different Forms of Corrosion

Corrosion comes in various forms, and these include galvanic, caustic, or acidic corrosion. It may also be hydrogen embrittlement, carbon dioxide attack, and oxygen attack. Only experts know how to tell the difference, so you should call in one to identify the corroded parts of the boiler and advise if you should  start planning for a boiler replacement. A substitution, in this case, may save you a lot of money since repairing it may turn out to be a wasteful exercise.

Major Challenges of  A Corroded Boiler

Corrosion affects how the boiler works and can cause safety issues in the house. You may also suffer inefficiencies that can be quite costly, especially when the boiler is in a large home with many users.

Cracks In Boilers

The impact of corrosion on metal surfaces creates cyclic stresses, which causes the cracking of your boiler. Given that boilers handle water, their cracking can cause a mess in the house and also cause the loss due to leakages.

Some homeowners treat their water. In such cases, corrosion occurs as a misnomer, causing cracks. The cracks usually cross metal grains that are blunt and thick. You will most likely find the cracks on the surfaces of the internal sections of pipe. You can also find them on pipe surfaces where they take circumferential forms. If the cracks are extensive, repairing a boiler is not an option, and you will have to call in a plumber to replace your corroded boiler with a new one.

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Boiler Replacement Service What Are The Common Warning Signs

A boiler that doesn’t work right can be the cause of so many problems in your home. Living in some neighbourhoods without a functioning boiler is impossible. As soon as you realise that there is something wrong with your boiler, it imperative to call a heating professional to take a look at it. However, before you call for a boiler replacement service expert, it helps to know what kind of problem you have. Understanding the various boiler problems is crucial.

Boiler Replacement Service London

A boiler replacement in North London, NW3

Boiler Replacement Service Issues

Pilot Light Problems

One common problem that boilers have is the pilot light refusing to turn on. When this happens, the issue could be with the thermocouple. There may also be dirt build up around the light. A gas boiler will not work if the pilot light is not on. Call in a professional when you encounter such a problem.


Strange noises coming from the boiler are also another common situation. Kettling is the word given to such noises, and they may be a result of several factors. The heat exchanger may have buildup of limescale. There could also be air in the boiler system, or the water pressure could be too low. An old boiler could also have such a problem, and that is why you need to call for boiler replacement services.

Pressure Loss

A boiler that keeps losing pressure may also be a potential issue. Such a problem is usually the consequence of water leakage in the boiler. The pressure valve could also be faulty.

Another common case that homeowners experience is a boiler turning on and off by itself. In this instance, the thermostat could be the fault, which is not rare in old systems. It may be time you get a new boiler.

There are so many other situations that you may find yourself in. They include insufficient heat buildups, steam leaks, radiators not heating well and so on. Older boilers will tend to give you more problems and to hire a professional for a replacement is your best bet.

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Why and When Should You Consider A Boiler Replacement?

The reasons to consider a boiler replacement are many and varied. Discounting the obvious problems that occur when a boiler starts to simply go wrong or fails to work altogether, there are several main reasons why someone may want to replace their boiler before its time is fully up.

Reasons You Should Consider A Boiler Replacement

Consider A Boiler Replacement

Recent boiler replacement in North London

Increased Boiler Efficiency

Believe it or not, like any other appliance or piece of equipment, boilers start to degrade over time. It’s impossible to notice that it takes longer to fire up when the element is sparked, or the flame constantly goes out three or four times before staying on.

Similarly, other telltale signs start to creep in. When several rooms have hot running water, the strain will start to show, with showers pumping out nice hot water one minute, and then freezing cold the next. Meanwhile, the other side of the wall in the kitchen, someone’s desperately trying to fill the kitchen bowl but can’t seem to get anything other than a lukewarm flow.

Modern boilers are capable of not only an increased workload, but also of lasting much longer than their older counterparts, whilst taking up less space than old clunky machinery and tanks. Proactive replacement, funds permitting, can pay dividends.

Gas Safety and Compliance

It’s not just efficiency that makes you consider a boiler replacement. After years of use they can, and often do, become unsafe. Carbon monoxide poisoning has occurred on many occasions due to faulty boilers, and explosions have been linked back to faulty and degraded pipework. Regular inspections of boilers can mitigate many problems, but when a boiler starts to become unsafe, repair becomes less attractive than the option of a new boiler replacement.

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What Boiler Replacement Involves and What You Need to Do First

It’s important to understand what boiler replacement involves as installing a new boiler for your home can take anything up to 7 days. Be prepared for this is advance. First, the workmen will remove your old boiler and all the fittings that go with it. Afterwards, they will see if it is possible to fit the new boiler in the same place as your old one. If not they will discuss and more appropriate place with you.

The new boiler will be fitted and your preferences as to the settings will be discusses when the job is near completion. More importantly, they will strive to cause as little disruption as possible during the process. This is a very small price to pay to have something that will serve you well and economically heat your home for many years to come.

What Boiler Replacement Involves

A recent boiler replacement in north London, Hampstead

What Do You Need To Do Before A Boiler Replacement

Getting ready for the workmen before your boiler installation date arrives is vital to make the job of boiler replacement professionals easier. Furthermore, preparing for a replacement project means you don’t need to be racing around rearranging things when they arrive. More importantly, preparations allow the job to get off to a calm start. So a good understanding of what boiler replacement involves is key to making sure that the process is smooth.

Getting ready for the workmen entails moving anything that may be in their way. Wherever the boiler is located, it will be preferable that you clear an access route to it and also the stop cock in order to make the work much easier to carry out. The workmen have a large task and you don’t need to be bothered constantly to clear obstacles from their path.

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Time for A Boiler Replacement If You Have Uncontrollable Energy Bills

It’s winter, and it’s cold, and it’s wet – outside. Do you relax in your front room in your bathrobe, the kids running around still in their pyjamas? Or do you sit huddled in a duvet, the kids staying in bed trying to keep warm because you can’t afford to turn the heating up? Maybe it’s time for a boiler replacement.

In an average UK home, heating the house or flat accounts for 55% of the energy cost, and in most cases that means your gas boiler. Whether you rent or own your home, maybe now is the time to consider getting those heating costs down in time for next winter.

Time For A Boiler Replacement

A boiler replacement project in North London

Government Grants Are There To Help When Its Time For A Boiler Replacement

Of course, getting your energy costs down isn’t just about boilers. If you live in an older property which still has minimum insulation, getting that upgraded at the same time will make a massive difference to your bills.

The big plus is, with the UK government focusing on reducing the country’s overall carbon footprint, there are a plethora of grants and rebates available to encourage households to replace old boilers and improve insulation in their own homes.

Energy Efficient Boilers

Boiler replacement from an old gas or oil fired boiler to a new ‘A’ rated boiler can save up to £300 a year, depending on whether you live in a flat, semi, or detached house, and that’s just the boiler. Even now, for many households there are still FREE boiler replacements available under the governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

If you’re still unsure if its time for a boiler replacement or you don’t know how to proceed, or what type of boiler best suits your needs, contact a local plumbing and heating company such as LB Plumbing & Heating who have years of experience in boiler replacement.

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