A Plumber Can Help You Pick a Thermostat Shower for the Bathroom

The fixtures and installations in your bathroom determine the comfort you experience or lack thereof. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, the shower is one fixture to consider. Thermostat showers have become very popular and for good reason. If you have heard about a thermostat shower and wanted to get one, then find a plumber that has the expertise to install them.

Thermostat Shower

An example of a thermostat shower unit

Why Choose a Thermostat Shower?

A thermostat shower installation offers you several benefits. A thermostat shower mixes cold and hot water before it even gets to the shower head. The ability of this type of shower to correct any temperature imbalances makes shower time a breeze. All you have to do is turn on the shower and enjoy it. A thermostat shower in your home will save you money on installation and operation. An expert in thermostat shower installations can help you choose one that is most suitable.

Suitable Water System

The shower installation you pick should match your water system. Usually, thermostat showers suit a variety of systems, but some may be quite specific in their requirements. For instance, some thermostat showers need combination boilers, and some need low-pressure systems.

For a home with a low-pressure system, a pump may come in handy in increasing the flow. Ask a professional for a recommendation of the best shower type for your water system.

Selecting the Type Of Shower

There are different kinds of thermostat mixer showers on the market. Knowing what each type offers will help you select the best one for your bathroom installation. One type of mixer shower is the dual control. With this option, you get a temperature control and a flow control knob.

There is another type that comes with a bar setting instead of knobs, but the control functions are typically the same. You can also get a sequential mixer shower, which offers one rotary control. A plumber can help you make the right choice when at a loss of which shower head would suit your bathroom installation requirements.

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