Plumber Tips: Using Heating Controls to Minimise Energy Consumption

All boilers have thermostat controls and the way you use them impacts your energy bills. Whether yours are advanced or involve just simple on and off mechanisms, there are ways you can operate them to your advantage. These plumber tips will get you started.

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Plumber Tips (1): Using simple boiler controls

If you’re using on and off controls, investigate whether they operate both the boiler and the hot water at the same time, or whether they operate them separately. During the summer months, using the switch to operate your water heater only can save a significant amount of money.

Some controls are mechanical, which means you can program the heating to come on during certain periods. If you have consistent weekend and weekday routines, setting the boiler to come on during specific periods prevents you from turning it on and leaving it on for longer than is necessary.

Plumber Tips (2): Venturing into more advanced controls

If you have a room thermostat, consider setting it to 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 16 to 18 degrees at night. When the rooms in your home reach these temperatures, your boiler will switch off until it drops below those levels.

If you’d like to take those energy saving benefits a step further, why not ask your plumber to install individual room controls? It’s rare that even the busiest of family homes use every room at the same time. As such, being able to control individual temperatures can have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Irregardless of which boiler controls you have, there are ways you can use them to your advantage. To ensure the technique you choose works, implement it and look at your energy bills each month. When you find one that’s effective, stick with it for lasting results.

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