Plumbers Share How You can Identify the Causes of Dripping Water Taps

A dripping water tap can cause you a lot of grief, especially when you are trying to sleep because of the distracting sounds produced. Besides that, the wastage of water alone should have you hiring a plumber. The water dripping from a tap can add up to a large quantity, which means high bills.

Hiring a plumber will help you deal with such a problem. It is, however, important to find out the cause of the dripping taps so that you may know how to avoid or detect future problems.

Reasons To Hire A Plumber

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Reasons For Hiring A Plumber

Washer Troubles

One problem that may be causing your taps to leak is an issue with the washer. A washer is usually at the stem of a tap to seal it, and if its installation is not right, then water will pass through, causing leakage. There will also be dripping if the washer is of the wrong size or is worn out. It is crucial to get a professional to fix the washer if it is the cause of the problem.

Worn Out O-Rings

Cartridge taps have O-rings, and when they wear out, they can cause dripping. With the continued usage of a tap, the O-ring can become loose around the cartridge, allowing water seepage. A plumbing service will provide the necessary repairs in such an instance.

Leaking Seals

Taps have inlet and outlet seals that can fill up with dirt after continued use. Once this happens, the quality of the seals will degrade causing water to drip. It is important to clean the outlets and inlets to avoid this.

Whatever the cause of your leaking tap is, get an expert to fix it. If the problem is an emergency situation, then find a plumbing service that will come urgently. Leaving a tap leaking of a long time may also lead to sink or floor damage.

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