Finding a Good Plumber You Can Trust & Tips for Avoiding Cowboys

The reasons for calling a good plumber are many and varied. With plumbing systems running the length and breadth of just about every residential and commercial building, there is plenty to maintain, and similarly, plenty that can go wrong. And when things do go wrong, the temptation is often there to just jump in and get a cheap repair done. However, cowboy plumbers are about the worst people that it’s possible to call. So why is it important to get a qualified contractor in rather than a cowboy builder?

How To Identify A Good Plumber (And Spot A Bad One)

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Insured, Safe Repairs

Picture the scene. Water starts to pool over the floor one day, and a friend of a friend recommends a handyman who knows a little bit about plumbing. He attends and advises he’s plugged the problem, takes his payment and leaves. A day later, the problem is back and bigger than before. Unfortunately, the handyman is not willing to re-attend, the problem is still there and the handyman has taken money for an incomplete job. Worse still, he won’t return calls, and he’s off to carry out his next poor quality job. With any reputable plumbers, almost all repairs are insured; if it happens again once repaired, 99% of the time they’ll re-attend for free.

Inflated Costs

Cowboy plumbers prey on those who don’t know what they’re dealing with. A £50 repair job suddenly becomes £300, and very often, aggressive techniques are used to collect payment or coerce the customer into parting with their money or taking out more work.

Illegal Work

Very often, cowboy plumbers will actually carry out work that is so bad it breaks the law, particularly with plumbing or gas work. If the customer knows this, they too are breaking the law by allowing and permitting it.

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