What is Power Flushing?

A Power flush is a cleaning  process intended to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system.

Over time the water in your pipes, boiler and radiators deposit rust, dirt and other debris. This becomes a sludge-like substance that washes around the system and collects in your radiators.  This sludge causes blockages and further corrosion which will lead to inefficient heating and breakdown. If the sludge enters the boiler is can block vital components such that a boiler replacement is required.

When might I need a Power flush?

If you have annual servicing and maintenance of your boiler then a Power flush should only be necessary every 5 years to clear any debris and to  maximize the life of your heating system. If you having your boiler replaced this is essential, unless you are replacing the rest of your plumbing, to ensure that your new boiler is not damaged by sludge in your old pipework.  The guarantee on your new boiler may not be valid unless a power flush has been done.

Do I need a  Power flush?

Here are some signs...

  • Radiators slow to warm up or not heating evenly - especially at the bottom where the sludge collects
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump  -  possibly solid particles being pumped through with the water
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
  • No water escapes when you bleed a radiator
  • Noisy radiators and or / boiler
  • Small leaks in radiators.

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, please give me call so I can inspect your system and let you know if I think a power flush will help. You can reach me on 0800 4488514 or mobile 07950 826535 or by completing the webform.