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Some practical homeowners abide by the rule “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is especially true when it comes to boilers, being the U.K.’s primary source of domestic heating and hot water. At times, however, practicality doesn’t automatically equal sensibility. So if you are looking for a great deal on plumbing promos, where do you look?

You may already be aware that your boiler is on its last leg. The system still provides adequate heat but is mere days away from being a complete failure. Still, you may be holding on to your dear heating equipment and may not consider a replacement until the old one is, without question, dead.

You may believe that by putting a boiler replacement on hold, you save money in the process, but that’s not always the case. After all, in April 2014, the U.K. government launched the domestic renewable heat incentive. With this, residents who opt for low-carbon heating technologies receive incentives. If your current boiler has seen better days and you wish to enjoy these rebates, count on Ray Le Blanc, owner of our company, LB Plumbing & Heating, for your new boiler installation needs.

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Mr. LeBlanc is a licensed plumbing contractor who has taken care of boiler installations and full central heating installations for numerous households in the Greater London Area. He’s also been tapped for a number of bathroom and kitchen refurbishments. If you’re wondering if our company is the right one for the project you have in mind, you can find out more about our services, news, updates, and promotions through the following:

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Our website has detailed information about Mr. LeBlanc and LB Plumbing & Heating. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the latest news and events in our circle. If anything new comes up, you will certainly get information about it here. What’s more, if you are curious about how Mr. LeBlanc works, you may go through the pictures in the website and they will give you a pretty good idea of his impressive skills.

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Our blog is here: With our blog, we can share company-related news and updates, as well as any promotions or customer loyalty programs we have in the works. Plus, our blog will also be the place we’ll share industry news, trends, and tips.

Find out more about LB Plumbing & Heating. Give us a ring at 07950-826535 or e-mail us at

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