Plumbing Installation Service: Let’s Get Acquainted

Is a bathroom renovation project in the pipeline for you this year? Consider updating your water fixtures as well. Doing so will improve the look and functionality of your remodeled bathroom. Remember, though, that while you may do an ace job of re-doing the tiles without any help, you can have peace of mind if you go with a fully qualified plumbing installation service in North London like Ray Le Blanc of LB Plumbing & Heating to install your new boiler.

Don’t take this as a slight to your DIY skills, but do keep in mind that a lot can go wrong when plumbing installation are handled by the untrained. With a professional and registered plumber to oversee your project, however, you can trust that it will be completed without a hitch. It’s time you got acquainted with the man behind our company.

Plumbing Installation: Understanding the factsA Past History In Plumbing

Ray’s love affair with plumbing goes back a long way. As a young man, he was inspired by his plumber father to join the industry. Of course, he knew that it had to take more than inspiration to be successful in this field. Seeing the need for formal training, he became an apprentice to a London-based company in the late ‘90s.

Present Work

As grateful as Ray was for his apprenticeship, he knew he could do more. By 2007, he decided to form his own company. With barely any budget for promotion and advertising, he relied heavily on customer referrals to book jobs. Since then, he has built a loyal customer base. Today, a good number of homeowners turn to Mr. Le Blanc for their plumbing and heating needs.

Future Prospects

Even with years of experience in heating and plumbing installation under his belt—and throngs of happy clients to boot—Ray believes there is always room for improvement. As such, he keeps himself busy keeping tabs on industry trends and learning about new technologies relevant to the industry. With his commitment to continuous improvement, you can rest assured that your upcoming renovation project to go according to plan and your plumbing system to be fully operational before long.

Now that you’ve gotten to know us better, we’d certainly love to hear from you. Call us at 44-07950-826535 or e-mail us at for your plumbing and heating needs.

Plumbing Installation & Replacement Services

Our team of highly trained and skilled plumbers is constantly prepared to answer the call, seven days per week! We’re knowledgeable about the best installation practices for all major brands of residential plumbing equipment and suppliers. Boiler installation and upgrades are our specialization and our professional service engineers configure them to work function with your existing systems at an affordable price. Our specialists may also assess your present heating needs and make recommendations for new radiator setup or an upgrades where appropriate. Our North London plumbers pride themselves on precise and quick work, done right the very first time. We are the skilled plumbers that clean up after ourselves and consistently honor your house.

Kitchen Sinks & Faucets & Pipes

If you find one of your faucets doesn’t appear to function efficiently anymore or is always dripping, it could be the cause of a higher water bill, particularly if your home has installed a water meter. Updating your faucet can help prevent future pipes damage, remove blocked flows, and put cash back in your pocket. We can assist you to update or install your kitchen faucet immediately. Don’t wait to upgrade out of date bathroom or kitchen fixtures that are old! Even the most modest upgrades to toilets and faucets can boost energy efficiency, house comfort, and your property value. Additionally, it may help prevent possible damage from floods, leaks, or other plumbing problems.

Boiler & Water Heater Replacements

If you can’t get the water hot enough to efficiently wash your dishes or you really hate waiting for a hot shower, it may be time to consider installing a new hot water boiler. When you update to a newer version, you get enhanced efficiency and lower operating costs—not to mention considerably better access to water that is hot! Is your boiler simply not cutting it anymore? It’s probably time to look at plumbing installation and update to a brand new piece of equipment to improve and enrich your home.

Water Softeners

Scale build-up can impede water flow and hard water spots can be annoying and damage your pipes, faucets, and fixtures with time. We can quickly and effeciently install a water softener to fix the problem.

Do You Need Your New Appliance Hooked Up?

Do you want a brand new dishwasher or washing machine installed? Call LB Plumbing and we can do that for you.

Safety First: Airing Out Of New Appliances

Correctly airing out your combustion appliances is critical for family’s safety. Our professionals can install successful and safe direct venting to the outside for heat units, exhaust fans, your stove, hot water heaters and more.

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