Boiler Installation 101: Is a Combi Boiler the Right One for Your Home?

Many consumers have heard of a new type of home heating system known as a “combi” boiler. As the name suggests, these units function as both a water heater as well as a central heating unit. By installing a combi boiler, less space is required due to the fact that a hot water tank is no longer required. What are some of the main reasons why a typical boiler installation now uses this type of unit and what additional advantages is it able to provide to the customer?

Combi Boiler Installation

Combi boilers are the most popular boiler type to have installed.

Reasons For Installing A Combi Boiler

As mentioned, the space required for such a boiler installation is dramatically reduced. This is ideal for those who live in a rather small apartment or who may have only a limited amount of room for a newer unit.

As opposed to a traditional unit, the chances of the water temperature suddenly changing are virtually eliminated. A built-in thermostat constantly monitors the water and if any adjustments need to be made, they are discrete as opposed to drastic. This is an obvious advantage when taking a shower or washing the dishes.

Another interesting fact in regards to a combination boiler is that the water pressure exhibited is the same as that which would be found at the mains themselves. This is especially important for taps and fixtures that are located on the second and third floors of a property. However, the same amount of water will be used. This is also critical in terms of cost.

These are some of the reasons why a new boiler installation may make use of a combination unit. A professional plumbing firm will be able to elaborate on such benefits as well as other concerns that you may have as a customer.

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