Boiler Installation and More: How to Bring Down Boiler Water Pressure?

Is your boiler constantly registering temperatures above normal? If your boiler is still working, you don’t need to worry about it too much. Instead of thinking about costly repairs, what you need to focus on is to fix the boiler pressure problems and bring the pressure down to ideal levels. Here’s what you need to do:

Boiler Pressure Problems – What To Do

1. Bleed your radiators

With the boiler cool, place a one-liter container directly under the radiator valve. Twist the valve counter clockwise to release trapped air. Once water starts to pour out, fill the container until half-full, then close the valve and check the water pressure. Repeat the process until the gauge reads 1 bar. Once this is achieved, turn on the boiler and let it run for a few minutes, then check the gauge again. It should set at 2.5 bar.

2. Close an open valve

If you recently re-pressurised your boiler, you may have accidentally left the valve or filling loop open. Even without re-pressurising, you may still have knocked the filling loop valve loose or it may have come loose on its own. Confirm that the valve is closed or if it needs re tightening.

3. Nothing happened?

If the steps above don’t help, the next step may be to re-pressurise your expansion vessel, or fix a malfunction somewhere in the filling loop. For these, you will need the expertise of a licensed HVAC professional. Don’t attempt to perform the repair yourself. It’s always better safe than sorry, as not only could you end up damaging the equipment beyond repair, you might cause serious injury to yourself.

A boiler installation professional will be able to perform the necessary repairs quickly and accurately. If the boiler is decades old, it may be up for replacement. Your plumber may be able to recommend you with the best boiler brand and type for your particular needs and budget.

Boiler Installation Problems

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