Boiler Installation: Discussions with Your Heating Engineer

Choosing a new boiler installation for your home can be a daunting task, but consulting with an experienced heating engineer will help you make an educated decision and therefore avoid costly mistakes.

Upon arranging consultation with a heating engineer, expect him to visit your home for inspection. He will determine the type of boiler you need based on his finds. He will check how many bathrooms you have and how often you run more than one shower at once. He will also ask about your plans to extend your home. This will help him ascertain the volume and power output needed from your new boiler.

Your engineer will also determine your boiler’s most strategic location. He will take into account space efficiency and the adjustments needed for building extension or addition during boiler installation. You can tell him where you want the thermostat to be located so that he can incorporate it into the final layout. Many thermostats now work wireless, so finding a good spot can be easier.

Environmental Impact Of Your Boiler Installation

Another factor which may be important to you is the impact of your heating system on the environment. Your engineer should be able to advise you on the ‘greenest’ option available, as well as the most appropriate insulation options so that you can make the most eco-friendly choice.

Your budget for your new boiler is an important issue and having fully-inclusive quotes from more than one source will enable you to decide if the price discussed is reasonable. Take the opportunity to talk to your engineer about the running and maintenance cost too, as this will have a long-term effect on your household finances.

Boiler installation in Hampstead NW3 North London

A recent Vaillant boiler installation carried out by LB Plumbing & Heating in North London NW3

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