Boilers 101: Do You Need to Power Flush before Replacing a Boiler?

There are preparations that a contractor has to do when replacing a boiler. One of those is power flushing. Do you need a power flush? After coming to the conclusion that it serves your interests to get a new boiler, think about how to get maximum benefits from it–and power flushing in one way to go about it. Power flushing involves cleaning of the boiler system to make it more efficient. After a long time of use, the pipes and vents can accumulate dirt and debris causing clogging. Getting a boiler installed before cleaning out the system will be counterproductive.

Do You Need A Power Flush?

Signs of Trouble

There are things that you can watch out for to know if it’s necessary to power flush before replacement. One is a boiler that takes too long to heat up. You may also have noticed that the heating in some rooms is inconsistent; some heat up faster than others. A dirty system can also cause a boiler to make a lot of noise when running. Another thing you should check is a constant need for bleeding. If your old boiler installation has these problems, then power flushing is not negotiable.

The Advantage

Power flushing will reduce the risks for a new boiler. A cleaner system provides a better environment for a boiler, and that extends its lifespan. Boiler parts can easily break when operating in a clogged system. Installing a boiler after power flushing will improve energy efficiency; and consequently, reduce the bills. A clean system will heat faster and better meaning lower energy consumption.

Sticking to the Rules

There are building regulations in England that necessitate power flushing before installation of a new heating system. Boiler manufacturers also insist on the importance of power flushing before replacing a boiler. Failure to adhere to these recommendations can void your warranty. A homeowner that has gone a long time without power flushing the system should consider doing it when getting a replacement boiler. So do you need a power flush? Most contractors will do power flushing and other preparations that may be necessary when installing a new boiler.

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