Solid Fuel Boiler Installation: Consider Types and Functions Before Making A Choice

When thinking about getting a boiler installation, most homeowners concentrate on gas and oil boilers. There is another kind, and that is solid fuel. Heating with solid fuel has its advantages such as low running costs and the broad variety of fuels available. A homeowner can also stock up on solid fuel for a long while. A solid fuel boiler installation is not that much different from a combi when it comes to the build. You will still need the same pipework and other installation requirements. So, besides the fuel type, what else makes this system different?

Solid Fuel Boilers

How The Boiler Works

For one, the heat in a solid fuel boiler will always be active. It means that even when the essential running heat closes down, some will still be left inside the boiler system. A solid fuel boiler will always have surplus heat, and that means connections to the hot water system must be present at all times. The other variation is that this boiler has an inbuilt thermostat that is responsible for regulating the water temperature.

Different Types of Solid Fuel Boiler

When buying a solid fuel boiler, one of the important considerations is the feeding mechanism. In a gravity feed boiler, there is a hopper at the top of the system that allows fueling. There is a thermostatically controlled fan in the boiler that facilitates combustion as the fuel descends from the hopper. You can feed this system with fuel to last several days. The other type is a batch feed that requires feeding in batches. With this one, you would need to refuel more often. A majority of bath feed boilers burn logs. There is also an automatic system that burns on woodchip and pellets. You can find large output wood chip boilers that are suitable for large homes.

Before getting a solid fuel boiler installation, ensure you have access to the necessary fuel type. Storage for the fuel is also another aspect to keep in mind.

Solid Fuel Boiler

An installation of a solid fuel boiler in Hamstead, North London

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