Efficient Boiler Installation – How Can Homeowners Benefit?

With an increase in cost and environmental concerns among consumers these days, there has been a recent focus on making the home much more eco-friendly. One of the biggest energy costs in any household is the central heating bill, so having an efficient boiler installation is a top priority. An inefficient boiler will lose heat and end up not only costing money but also wasting energy.

Efficient Boiler Installation

How to install a boiler to make sure it is efficient.

Efficient Boiler Installation Facts

Having a new boiler installed may initially seem like an expensive solution to making the home more cost-effective. But when upgrading your boiler can save the average household up to £250 a year, it is clear that although the initial outlay may indeed be costly. Money will certainly be saved in the long run. Cost aside, the chances are that if your boiler is more than ten years old, it probably needs replacing anyway. Knowing that your boiler is in good working condition, perfectly safe to use and completely reliable throughout the winter months is by far the main concern.

As well as costing money, old or faulty boilers can be very harmful to the environment. Upgrading to a more environmentally-friendly boiler is a major leap towards making your home greener and protecting the ecosystem of our planet. All new boilers now come with an energy-efficiency of at least 88%, meaning that most of the fuel used is converted into useful energy.

It is important to remember to plan your boiler installation rather than to wait for your boiler to finally break down. The last thing anyone wants is to be without heating during winter. If your boiler is old or inefficient, having a new one installed is the best option when it comes to saving both money and the environment.

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