A Condensing Boiler Installation: The Case For and Against

There are many options when it comes to boiler installation. Other than deciding whether you need a system, conventional, or combi boiler. Whether you want a boiler that allows for the installation and use of a solar power system. You may need to decide whether you want a standard or a condensing boiler installation. Condensing boilers are sold as being the energy efficient option, but do they really offer an improvement over a standard, and typically more affordable boiler?

Condensing Boiler Installation Issues

Condensing Boiler Installation

Installation of a condensing boiler in Harrow, North London

Boiler Energy Ratings

All modern boilers must reach A rated efficiency, which means that they are at least 88% efficient. In other words, 88% of the energy that is consumed is put to use in the heating of water or in the central heating system. This still leaves as much as 12% that could be wasted. In reality, of course, if you have a system that is not appropriate for your needs or for your property, then you could find that you are wasting considerably more energy than this. Some boilers boast over 90% efficiency, and those that tend to reach closest to 100% are condensing boilers.

The Condensing System

A condensing boiler collects escaped heat and recirculates it back into the system. This is how it gains so much more efficiency. Although this does require the addition of some extra mechanical work in the boiler. A condensing boiler generally looks and acts similarly to a non-condensing boiler.

Energy Efficiency Of The Boiler

Energy ratings do take the condensing system into account. So if a condensing boiler boasts 95% efficiency, then it is no more efficient than a non-condensing boiler that achieves the same efficiency rating. While condensing boilers do tend to offer higher efficiency rating, there is no other reason to feel forced to choose a condensing model over a non-condensing model. Especially when the latter proves to be the more practical choice.

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