Upgrading Your Boiler with Modern Models for Higher Efficiency

In any household, a boiler can account for about 55% annually on energy bills. When planning for an installation or replacement, it is necessary to be careful about the options you make. There being many considerations to make when installing, efficiency is a factor that must count. The cost of energy bills, especially during winter, can escalate to 60%. You can reduce your energy bills and keep costs down by about 20% by installing high-efficiency boilers as a replacement for older low-efficiency boilers.

Heating Products’ Type and Age

The type and the age of the boiler you plan to install affects efficiency. Consider modern condensing boilers that are more efficient. A boiler’s efficiency is expressed in terms of percentage. It is measured by annual fuel utilisation efficiency, meaning a consumer can freely compare the efficiency levels of various models. Ideally, the efficiency measurement is the ratio output of the boiler. When it reads 90% for example, it means that 90% of the energy becomes heat while 10% of the energy escapes.

Older models can be costly to run and wasteful of energy, given that a significant amount of energy is lost, and their efficiency is often lower than in modern boilers. Ensure that the boiler is sized to meet your specific requirements. An oversized boiler can result in loss of efficiency while an undersized one can result in the shortage of heat. Boilers can, however, be retrofitted to increase their efficiency. The upgrades improve the efficiency of an older system.

When opting for a retrofitting process, consider if it will be cheaper to retrofit or to purchase a new model, especially if the system requires replacement in a year or so. Your decision should also depend on whether you plan to replace your old system for other reasons such as air conditioning. Replacing an older system with a modern one means you will have a system that incorporates the most energy-efficiency heating technology. Remember that your boiler installation should be done by a professional contractor for the best outcome.

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