Boiler Replacement: Replace Old Boilers for More Energy-Efficient Ones

Your old boiler might still be functional, but it can be costing you more. According to the Energy Savings Trust, 55 per cent of what you spend on your energy bills is from the boiler alone. It would make sense, therefore, to do everything you can to lower the costs with a new boiler replacement.

G-rated boilers are costly to run and highly inefficient when compared to today’s new A-rated boilers equipped with programmers, thermostats and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs). In fact, boiler replacement can help you save up to £340 and 1,500 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Here are some other green benefits you can get from upgrading your central heating.

Boiler Replacement in North London Muswell Hill

Less Fuel Consumption

Old boilers are inefficient because they are constantly burning precious fuel. They rely on the pilot light which must always be alight, otherwise the boiler would not produce any heat. The new boilers today consume less fuel by being ignited by electricity instead. This way, the boiler saves fuel usage for more important tasks, thereby, reducing your costs for fuel. Waste heat is also used to pre-heat water to further save on fuel.

More Heating Capacity From A New Boiler Replacement

New and more efficient boilers today can extract more heat from the same amount of fuel you might feed an old boiler. This is because of the advanced combustion technology that is now being used in the newer units. You get more heat out of your boiler which also results in a lower carbon footprint in your home.

Safer Home Environment

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been a large concern for boilers and other types of indoor combustion. With the new developments in boiler technology, however, the risk of hazardous carbon monoxide emissions inside the home has substantially decreased, making it a safer environment for its inhabitants.

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