Boiler Replacement Tips: Factors to Consider When Replacing a Boiler

As a boiler can account for up to 55 per cent of a household’s annual energy bills, it makes good financial sense to think carefully about the various options when the need for replacement comes. Here are some of the factors to consider to make the best decision when planning boiler replacement.

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Boiler Efficiency

Arguably the most efficient type of boiler is the condensing boiler. The primary advantage of the condensing boiler is its larger heat exchanger, which is capable of recovering more of the heat and sending the cooler air up the flue. The flue gases can become so cool that water vapour condenses out and even more energy is recovered by the condensing vapour.

Fuel Type For Your Boiler Replacement

The most expensive type of commercially available boiler is the gas boiler. Its fuel is readily available since it can simply be connected to the one you already have at home. If your home lacks a gas connection, the local gas supplier may provide one at no cost.

Gravity Fed Boiler Systems

The older gravity fed systems have a separate hot water cylinder and a cold water tank and expansion tank, which are generally found in the loft. A gravity fed system is best replaced by a combination boiler because it supplies hot water directly from the boiler and takes up less space. Due to their lower hot water consumption, smaller families in particular will benefit from a combination boiler.

Combination Boiler

If the existing system is a combination boiler and a larger supply of hot water is required, the best option is to replace it with another combination boiler with a tank capacity of 30kW or greater.

High Pressure Unvented Systems

The high pressure systems function at mains water pressure and are a good option for larger families whose requirements exceed the capacity of a combination boiler.

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