Common Indicators of the Need to Finally Consider a Boiler Replacement

Many homeowners will baulk at the prospect of a boiler replacement unless it is absolutely necessary. As recent studies have pointed out that the total cost of such a project could run as high as £2,500 pounds, such hesitance is understandable. It is nonetheless a fact that there are times when a replacement is inevitable. What are some signals that a mere repair is no longer sufficient to enjoy hot water and heating throughout the home and you really do need a boiler replacement?

Do You Need A Boiler Replacement?

Recurring Heating Problems

Let us imagine for a moment that an average service call costs approximately £200 pounds. Assuming that two call-outs are required each year for three years, we can see that the total amount invested toward an older boiler is £1,200 pounds. Should problems keep occurring over and over again, it is best to seek a boiler replacement.

Flue Issues

A flue can cause dramatic problems within a boiler. This device is absolutely critical in terms of both safety and functionality. Unfortunately, a flue can also be comparatively expensive. The total cost of replacing a flue should be compared with the price associated with a boiler replacement.


It is common to replace a boiler when renovations within a home are occurring, especially when the current boiler will not be able to provide the new home with ample heating or hot water. Not only will the existing unit be easier to access and remove, but it is much better to complete all major tasks at once from the simple standpoint of logistics. Assuming that there are already problems with an older model, this could be a great time to finally choose a newer version.

Replacing any boiler can be a bit of a challenge and yet, there are instances when this task is no longer just an option. Appreciating such circumstances is the first step toward taking the necessary action when it is required.

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