Boiler Replacement Service What Are The Common Warning Signs

A boiler that doesn’t work right can be the cause of so many problems in your home. Living in some neighbourhoods without a functioning boiler is impossible. As soon as you realise that there is something wrong with your boiler, it imperative to call a heating professional to take a look at it. However, before you call for a boiler replacement service expert, it helps to know what kind of problem you have. Understanding the various boiler problems is crucial.

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Boiler Replacement Service Issues

Pilot Light Problems

One common problem that boilers have is the pilot light refusing to turn on. When this happens, the issue could be with the thermocouple. There may also be dirt build up around the light. A gas boiler will not work if the pilot light is not on. Call in a professional when you encounter such a problem.


Strange noises coming from the boiler are also another common situation. Kettling is the word given to such noises, and they may be a result of several factors. The heat exchanger may have buildup of limescale. There could also be air in the boiler system, or the water pressure could be too low. An old boiler could also have such a problem, and that is why you need to call for boiler replacement services.

Pressure Loss

A boiler that keeps losing pressure may also be a potential issue. Such a problem is usually the consequence of water leakage in the boiler. The pressure valve could also be faulty.

Another common case that homeowners experience is a boiler turning on and off by itself. In this instance, the thermostat could be the fault, which is not rare in old systems. It may be time you get a new boiler.

There are so many other situations that you may find yourself in. They include insufficient heat buildups, steam leaks, radiators not heating well and so on. Older boilers will tend to give you more problems and to hire a professional for a replacement is your best bet.

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