Need a Boiler Replacement? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put it Off

It’s arguably the most important appliance in your home, but sometimes it’s easy to put off  a much-needed boiler replacement. You might be worried about the cost, about the disruption, or convinced that your current boiler has a few years left in it yet, but if your boiler is ageing or showing signs that it’s nearing the end of its life, it’s better to replace it sooner rather than later.

Boiler Replacement North London

Boiler Efficiency is an important consideration when thinking about a new boiler for your North London home.

Replacing Your Boiler Might Be More Straightforward Than You Think

Depending on the type of boiler you currently have, as well as the new one, the replacement could be done much faster than you expect, and with minimum disruption. A reputable and knowledgeable installer will make sure the work goes ahead as simply as possible and you could be benefitting from your new boiler in no time.

Start Saving Money On Your Heating Right Away

As soon as your boiler is replaced with a new, more efficient model, you can start saving money on your energy bills. With heating making up about 60% of your energy bills, an efficient boiler can save you up to £310 a year. This will help you to recoup the cost of replacement and have more money in the long run. Remember as well that a boiler past its prime is more likely to need costly repairs.

Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard With An Old Boiler

Keeping a boiler running when it’s overdue for replacement runs the risk of needing urgent work or, worse still, breaking down beyond repair with no warning. Schedule your boiler replacement for a time when it’s convenient for you, and don’t be forced to book it in an emergency or be stuck without hot water or heating.

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