Are there Kettling Noises in your Boiler?

A boiler is designed to be silent and unobstructed during its operation. It should heat your home silently all winter in a way that no one will realise there is a boiler in your house. As your boiler ages, it may begin to make rattling noises when firing. Kettling noises in your boiler may be comforting, but when the noises are emanating from your central heating system, they can be alarming. Your boiler heats hot water through a heat exchanger. Not only do the noises distract the operations of a home, but one may also wonder if the boiler is operating safely.

Kettling noises in your boiler

Kettling noises in your boiler can be an indication that something is wrong

Common Boiler Problems

Wrong Burner Size

Although mineral deposits are the main culprits of kettling, other factors can lead to such noises. An incorrectly rated burner, for example, can cause kettling. That means a burner that is too large for the boiler. When the burner is too large, the boiler may get overheated, and eventually, the kettling noise will begin. Also, note that a faulty thermostat may cause the overheating problem. If the thermostat is the cause, the technician may choose to replace it.

Could the Kettling Noises In Your Boiler Cause Damage?

Rumbling noises make the boiler inefficient, and that translates to more expenses. The life of your boiler is then reduced, making it work harder and putting unnecessary stress on other key components. If the stat is faulty, it will lead to overheating. When water expands in the unit, backup stops and forms sludge. The solution here is to replace the stat. If the scale is extreme, it will be important to replace the heat exchanger. Also, a stuck pump may produce banging noises. Remember, only a Gas Safe Engineer should undertake boiler replacement as well as that of its components. If you are experiencing kettling noises in your boiler, contact a professional technician to ascertain their cause.

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