Boiler Replacement: What Are The Long-Term Financial Benefits

The majority of a household energy bill is likely to be made up of hot water and heating costs, and as these systems are controlled by the boiler in your home, it is essential that you have a suitable and high-quality boiler installed. Having a boiler replacement not only means that you could save money on your monthly energy bill, but it also means that you can enjoy a more appropriate heating and hot water system that matches your requirements. What’s more, you could be eligible for funding to help with the costs.

Benefits Of Replacing Your Boiler

Boiler Replacement Muswell Hill

A recent boiler replacement in Muswell Hill, North London

Energy Spend

Older boilers are likely to be less energy efficient than their modern equivalent. According to current regulations, all boilers must meet the A Rating for energy efficiency, and this represents 88% efficiency. Older boilers may only offer 75% efficiency, and if they are damaged then this means that that figure could be potentially much lower still. While it could take several years to see a return on the investment of a new boiler, energy savings aren’t the only factors to consider.

Boiler Maintenance Costs

Choose a new boiler from a manufacturer with a reputation for durable and long-lasting products. Your plumber should be able to steer you in the right direction, because they will have experience of the different makes and models that are on offer. If you are considering replacing your existing boiler, then there is a good chance that you are experiencing problems with your existing model. Paying for annual repairs every year, and finding that you are paying more and more for your maintenance means that you could also be saving a couple of hundred pounds in repair costs each year.

Other Heating Costs

Finally, older boilers may not provide the same programming functions, and some old heating systems may not offer the uniform heating that you want in rooms, and the freedom to heat rooms as needed. With a boiler replacement, you could save on the use of gas fires, heaters, and other more expensive heating options too.

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