Why and When Should You Consider A Boiler Replacement?

The reasons to consider a boiler replacement are many and varied. Discounting the obvious problems that occur when a boiler starts to simply go wrong or fails to work altogether, there are several main reasons why someone may want to replace their boiler before its time is fully up.

Reasons You Should Consider A Boiler Replacement

Consider A Boiler Replacement

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Increased Boiler Efficiency

Believe it or not, like any other appliance or piece of equipment, boilers start to degrade over time. It’s impossible to notice that it takes longer to fire up when the element is sparked, or the flame constantly goes out three or four times before staying on.

Similarly, other telltale signs start to creep in. When several rooms have hot running water, the strain will start to show, with showers pumping out nice hot water one minute, and then freezing cold the next. Meanwhile, the other side of the wall in the kitchen, someone’s desperately trying to fill the kitchen bowl but can’t seem to get anything other than a lukewarm flow.

Modern boilers are capable of not only an increased workload, but also of lasting much longer than their older counterparts, whilst taking up less space than old clunky machinery and tanks. Proactive replacement, funds permitting, can pay dividends.

Gas Safety and Compliance

It’s not just efficiency that makes you consider a boiler replacement. After years of use they can, and often do, become unsafe. Carbon monoxide poisoning has occurred on many occasions due to faulty boilers, and explosions have been linked back to faulty and degraded pipework. Regular inspections of boilers can mitigate many problems, but when a boiler starts to become unsafe, repair becomes less attractive than the option of a new boiler replacement.

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