Get To Know 5 Important Facts About Boiler Installations

Gas boilers are the heart of every home in order to provide heat through a series of pipes in the walls, ceilings, and floors feeding the radiators all over the house. This is also the central unit of the home and it is using natural gas connections. In fact, you can find a lot of service providers that offer boiler installations in London. Most of these companies are providing services such as installations, replacement, fitting, supply, and installation of water heaters, immersion heaters, as well as vented/unvented cylinders installation.

1. Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Boiler

When buying the right boiler, you need to determine the different factors first. Aside from its purchase price, you should also consider its running price. Keep in mind that even a highly efficient boiler requires an ongoing level of maintenance after it is purchased and installed. You will be dealing with ongoing expenses during the initial years until it reaches its time to be replaced. Always think of ways on how you can save money over the lifetime of the boiler.

The fuel

Basically, choosing the right fuel is based on your preferred purchase price. You can choose heating oil or natural gas. However, it is quite difficult to predict the development of the heating oil price since it is quite expensive sometimes, whilst using natural gas is recommended by many and ideal for medium and long terms. But, this also depends on the choice of supplier.

Conversely, those who prefer to use natural gas may have access to energy grants and the cost of connecting to the gas network is also reduced (if you are outside the standard region). You must also need to consider the environmental impact of the fuel that you are going to choose. Gas is less hazardous and pollutant when compared to oil. You should also take a quick look at other sources of energy such as sun, wood, and others which may be used as replacements or subsidies for your main heating.

The efficiency

A highly efficient boiler enables you to save a lot in energy bills and reduces emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It may be more expensive but definitely, it is more economical to run.

The combustion system

There are actually two types of combustion system namely – open and closed system. An open combustion system refers to atmospheric boilers that take oxygen which is important in combustion from the room where it is installed. Hence, it must be well-ventilated and equipped with a chimney where the waste gases escape.

Closed combustion system is also known as air-tight boilers which do not use room air. This is usually room-sealed and balanced-flue. It takes air from the outside using the double-walled pipe which is also used to excrete waste gases. This type of combustion system can be more expensive but it offers several advantages:

  • It does not need a chimney; a cheaper, steel exhaust pipe is enough.
  • It can be very easy to install in unventilated areas such cupboard and kitchen cabinets.
  • Air-tight boilers are also quieter.
  • They are safer as waste fumes are passed outside the building and oxygen is not removed from the room.

Space availability

Boilers also have two versions depending on the space availability. If you don’t have sufficient space, you may consider wall boilers. This is compact, light, and noiseless, plus it can easily be installed in your kitchen and bathroom discreetly. For bigger spaces, you can consider placing floor boilers, which is typically durable but bulkier.

Hot-water requirements

When choosing a boiler for your hot-water requirements, identify your habits, the quantity of water you actually need, and the number of people living with you. You can choose different solutions.

  • You can have an instant water heater which is more economical. This is usually separated from the boiler.
  • You can also have a separate hot-water tank which stores water and keeps the water hot. However, this is less cost-effective when it comes to energy.
  • You can also choose a combination of boilers where both radiators and water is heated. This is essential for bathroom and kitchen and it is more practical for small dwellings.
  • There is also a solar water heater which is environment-friendly. It takes energy from the sun and the boiler only supports heat if solar energy is not enough during the winter.

There are already a wide variety of gas boilers that uses different types of technologies these days. So, finding the right company for gas boiler replacement is very essential.

The advantage of hiring a reliable engineer for gas boilerinstallations and replacement

2. Replacement of Gas Boilers

On the other hand, there is always an instance wherein gas boilers break down and this will leave you with no heat or hot water into your home until it is fixed or a new one is installed. But, boiler installation can be quite expensive; that is why you need to look for a reliable engineer when you decide to replace your gas boiler.

Based on statistics, almost 60 percent of your home’s energy bills come from your heating costs. Therefore, you need to ensure that this is working as efficiently as possible and you won’t encounter problems in the future.

So if your gas boiler is old (but still running) you must also be prepared for potential problems. You need to keep in mind that boilers are only good for about 10 years. After that period of time, expect that you will encounter breakdown or fault. So it is best to replace it as soon as possible in order to prevent you from wasting a lot of money on repairs and enable you to save more money in paying your energy bills.

3. Benefits of Gas Boilers

Whether your gas boilers are newly installed or replaced, you will certainly get a lot of benefits from a newer model.

Heat your home more efficiently.

It’s important to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. You might want to look at specialist cleaning services such as a power flush in order to remove sludge build-up within the system (a major cause of inefficient heating).

Improved heating control.

You will also have the capability to control the heat efficiently. In many cases, people prefer different temperatures in different rooms. With an improved heating control, you can save money from paying more energy bills by selectively controlling the heat distribution, room-by-room.

Reduce your energy bills.

When you have an inefficient gas boiler, chances are, you will have to pay more than 70 percent of your energy bills in heating costs since fuels are burned slowly, which is expensive. Whilst, if you have a good modern gas boiler in good condition, fuels are burned fast and heat is dispersed quickly.

Help the environment.

Good thing about using efficient gas boilers is that you can also help save the environment. It is possible to cut your home’s carbon footprint to 1,220 kilogrammes per year. Needless to say, the world today is already facing enormous global warming problems and everything helps.

Quieter boiler operation.

Newly installed boilers are noiseless, but if you have an old, defective boiler, it is loud. Once it is replaced, you will experience quieter boiler operation.

Due to the constant progress in heating technology, you can now find a wide array of modern gas boilers. These tends to be smaller in size, and with more options than the older style boilers. One of the most popular boilers in the UK is the combi boilers or combination boilers. These types of boilers are more efficient, converting more fuel to usable heat. Combi boilers are also best recommended for homes and buildings with limited spaces.

4. Finding The Right Boiler Installers

If you are looking for a reliable boiler installation and replacement company in North London then they must have the appropriate certification and expertise in gas, electricity, and water systems.

For one, they must be Gas Safe registered. They must have a professional team that is fully equipped with training and skills on boiler installations and replacements.

Second, they must also have full insurance and warranty of their services. Keep in mind that accident sometimes happens. The company must have full liability insurance in case their installer encounters unfortunate events. They must also have a service warranty in order to ensure that their services conform to the highest quality standards.

Next, make sure you also know what is included in the services you are paying for and always ask for a detailed estimate. They should have an extraordinary customer service (read their reviews online) and always provide quick solutions. If you are looking for a provider online, it is best to consider those that have physical address, contact numbers and accepts different types of payment.

It would be best to request multiple quotes from various different providers. Through this, you will be able to compare the services and the cost of services as well. You also need to select a boiler replacement company that will regularly maintain your boilers. Needless to say, boilers need to be checked every year in order to determine its efficacy, safety and reliability.

Understanding the factors that affect boiler installations and replacement

5. Costs Of Boiler Installation And Replacement In London

Generally, all gas boilers need to be replaced at some time since they have a service lifetime of 10 years less although this also depends on the rate of the usage as well.

Purchase and installation costs

Fortunately, there are different types of boilers available in the market today. One of the most popular in London is the combi boilers. Aside from the fact that it is efficient, it is also energy-saver. In terms of cost, boilers range from £750 to over £2000 for high-end models, depending on the capacity of the unit.

Apart from the boiler’s purchase price, you also need to remember to include parts and labour not forgetting that equipment needs to be fitted and made operational in your home. Companies, like LB Plumbing And Heating, offers various installation packages.

For standard boilers, the average cost of heating a home using gas is at least £500 per year or more, which is typically lower than the cost of using wood or oil.

Electric combi boilers are also another option to consider. They can be easy to install in your home and does not consume a lot of space. In fact, they are commonly used by several households in North London and the cost only ranges from £300 and up. Electric combi boilers are also more attractive to look at compared to the larger gas boilers, but heating a home using electricity is very expensive in London.

Hiring an installer for boiler installation and replacement

Purchasing a gas boiler may be easy and sometimes you can get it cheap. But, hiring an installer is the trickiest part of the process. The success of the job will be determined on how well the boiler is installed and whether it is working properly or not when the installation team have left.

And it does not stop there. You have to consider regular maintenance of these gas boilers in order to have an efficient operation. Gas boiler services also depend on the user’s geographical location. In order to get the best value for your money, you need to determine the type of service you are looking for. Several factors that affect services include the type of boilers you currently have and the frequency of services you also need.

In case of boiler breakdown, costs of replacement also differ, whether you wanted a similar unit as your old one or need to convert to another type of boiler. However, depending on the age of the boiler, it may make more sense to replace the boiler rather than attempt an expensive repair.

Boiler replacement grants

In addition, there are other things you should also know. The government is offering boiler replacement grants to qualified households. Two examples are the ‘energy provider grants’ and the ‘local authorities’ grants.

Energy providers are required to provide grants to households or consumers under the Carbon-emission Reduction Goal recommendations. For local authorities’ grants, all you need to do is enquire if you are qualified to apply for the boiler replacement cost.

Boiler replacement regulations

When replacing your boilers, it is also important to acquire the UK regulations for energy-efficiency objectives and safety. There are also building rules and regulations that need to be followed. All boilers should pass a rate of A or at least 88 percent efficiency in the SEDBUK scale.


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