Efficient Boiler Installation – How Can Homeowners Benefit?

With an increase in cost and environmental concerns among consumers these days, there has been a recent focus on making the home much more eco-friendly. One of the biggest energy costs in any household is the central heating bill, so having an efficient boiler installation is a top priority. An inefficient boiler will lose heat and end up not only costing money but also wasting energy.

Efficient Boiler Installation

How to install a boiler to make sure it is efficient.

Efficient Boiler Installation Facts

Having a new boiler installed may initially seem like an expensive solution to making the home more cost-effective. But when upgrading your boiler can save the average household up to £250 a year, it is clear that although the initial outlay may indeed be costly. Money will certainly be saved in the long run. Cost aside, the chances are that if your boiler is more than ten years old, it probably needs replacing anyway. Knowing that your boiler is in good working condition, perfectly safe to use and completely reliable throughout the winter months is by far the main concern.

As well as costing money, old or faulty boilers can be very harmful to the environment. Upgrading to a more environmentally-friendly boiler is a major leap towards making your home greener and protecting the ecosystem of our planet. All new boilers now come with an energy-efficiency of at least 88%, meaning that most of the fuel used is converted into useful energy.

It is important to remember to plan your boiler installation rather than to wait for your boiler to finally break down. The last thing anyone wants is to be without heating during winter. If your boiler is old or inefficient, having a new one installed is the best option when it comes to saving both money and the environment.

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Installing a Boiler without a Proper Home Assessment – What Are The Dangers

Boilers are fast becoming essential for homes. They not only keep houses warm but ensure that the inhabitants have hot running water. The process of Boiler installation entails intricate plumbing, piping, and placement processes that only experts can handle. To avoid costly and dangerous mistakes, when installing a boiler, you should get advice from a good plumber before undertaking the installation. The plumber can only advise you after correctly assessing your home. A proper evaluation will help prevent some for the dangers highlighted next.

Installing a boiler in North London

North London boiler installation, NW3

Installing A Boiler – Things To Think About

Installation Options Available for You

There are various types of boilers. Among them are the combination, regular, and system boilers. Your plumber will look at your house and advise on the best boiler to install. They will base their advice on the size of the house, the models in the market, durability and so on. Installing a boiler without considering these factors may leave you with a boiler that does more harm than good.

Sky Rocketing Heating Bills

Every home has its needs when it comes to hot water and heating. However, no one wants to pay enormous amounts of money to heat his or her home. The need to save money, therefore, means that homeowners have to call in plumbing experts to advise them on the best boilers.

Wrong Boiler Placement

The placement of a boiler matters if it is to work efficiently. In this regard, it should access the main supply of water, and you should have proper piping to facilitate this. If you do not bring in a good plumber to assess the home, the boiler will end up in the wrong position where it might not get the amount of water needed to meet everyone’s requirements.

Improper Boiler Installation May Reduce the Value of the Home

People who want to sell their homes also need advice from heating experts because the boilers present influence purchase decisions by buyers. If sellers do not have high-efficiency boilers in their homes, it may not be easy to attract the right buyers. To raise the value of a home before its sale, you need to have an expert come in, assess the home, and discuss the idea of installing a boiler for you.

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Boiler Installation Exercise Is A Heating Audit needed?

A Boiler is among the household equipment that enhances the way of life of most families. Since most people use boilers one way or another on a daily basis, their installation should be safe to avoid accidents in the home. To ensure that a boiler installation exercise is practical is practical, you should call in a plumber to carry out a heating audit for you. It is important to call in the expert if your heating capacity is 20 to 100 kW. Apart from the plumber, you can also get a heating engineer or boiler engineer to inspect the equipment.

boiler installation exercisein Hampstead

A boiler installation and heating audit in North London, Hampstead

Heat Audit Before A Boiler Installation Exercise

As far as a heating audit is concerned, the expert will be looking at automation, pumps, pipes, container and, the boiler itself. These exercises are important because they influence the working of the equipment and your overall comfort.

Determine the Performance

Normally, a heating audit will let you know about the energy efficiency of the building. The review considers the energy performance of the boiler in relation to consumption and the environment. Some homes have boilers that are just too powerful for their needs, and that does not make sense, money wise, to continue keeping them. Conversely, some people use boilers whose heating capacities are wanting. In such cases, you should call an expert to help you choose a boiler that will adequately cater to you heating needs.

Improve Efficiency

Most people look for efficiency when it comes to boilers in their homes. With a proper heat audit, you will know if the current installation is working well enough or if you need a replacement. Most people call in experts to carry out heating audits on their boilers with the intention of reducing energy consumption while maintaining the heating capacities of the devices. As far as efficiency is concerned, you should carry out a heating audit on boilers that are over fifteen years old.

To Conform to Building Regulations

Most tenants and homeowners have to conform to certain rules and regulations concerning heating equipment in their buildings. A heat audit is required for a boiler installation exercise regardless of whether the boil is oil-fired, fuel boilers or gas-fired. From the heat inspection, you will know if you are within the set regulations or not.

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Boiler Installation Experts Recommend the Earth-Friendly Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are among the common types of boilers available today. That’s why you need boiler installation experts to help. Boilers come in the form of combination boilers, system boilers, or conventional boilers. While some homeowners just get boilers for heating purposes, others specifically look for boilers that will not negatively impact on the environment. It is, therefore, advisable to get an oil boiler installation. More info can be found here: http://lbplumbingandheating.com/services/boilers/

Since these boilers need kerosene or paraffin to burn, they are not expensive to buy. They are energy- efficient and you can use them for heating water or the entire house during the cold season.

Boiler Installation Experts In North London

A recent boiler installation by one of our experts in Hampstead, North London

Different Types of Flues

An installation exercise of an oil boiler will involve one of the two kinds of flues. The balanced type has a concentric pipe that is connected to the flue and is used to draw air for combustion. On the other hand is the open flue that draws air from where the point your plumber installed the boiler. You should choose a balanced flue oil boiler because it does not produce emissions that could impact the environment negatively.

Less Energy

Oil boilers do not need as much energy as gas boilers to work, and this means that they will not emit a lot of toxins to the environment. Since there is also bio-diesel in the oil, you will also not have to deal with as much pollution as when you burn oil exclusively.

One of the best attributes of this boiler type is that you can have your plumber place it on the outside as well. This will not only save space in the kitchen, but it will make the installation process cleaner and easier.

With the help of boiler installation experts, you can add vent dampers to an old boiler. Vent dampers prevent the chimney from releasing heat or cold air by closing the vents of the boiler.

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Boiler Installation Tips: Installing the Best Combi Boiler for Homes

Large houses have different needs when it comes to boiler installation exercises. A combination boiler is among the types of heating systems that you can use for such houses. Some people know it as the combi boiler, and it works by providing heat for central heating systems while heating water instantaneously when you open your hot tap. Here are sme great boiler installation tips from the experts at LB Plumbing

Boiler Installation Tips

A recent boiler installation in Hampstead North London NW3

Top Boiler Installation Tips

Uses of a Combi Boiler

The best attribute of this boiler is that you do not need storage cylinders or tanks in the loft. Plumbers install them in such a way that the water used comes from the main supply, meaning that it comes with great pressure. Since larger rooms have particular needs and may have the main water supply in different places as opposed to smaller homes, you should first consult with boiler installation professionals on the size of the boiler to cater to all the sections of the house.

Alternatively, you can have a larger boiler that will serve rooms at once. Among the issues you should raise with your installation expert include the square footage of the home, the number of bathrooms present, and the number of family members. Apart from heating water, a combi boiler is used for home heating, especially during winter when the temperatures present are unbearable to most people.

Gas or Propane Combi Boilers

Gas or propane are usually used to power these boiler types, and you should only choose between the two after consultations with your heating exerts. The specialists advise their clients according to the number of rooms that require heating.

Best Location for A Boiler Installation

Since combi boilers do not need large storage cylinders, they can fit in most storage spaces or kitchens. Their compact nature means that you can use them in different bathrooms of the house. One way of installing them in the different rooms is by mounting them on the walls. Having different combi boilers for every room means that you can have hot water supply in each of these section anytime you need it.

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Boiler Installation: Understand Your Boiler Efficiency Ratings

You must factor in several considerations before looking for a new boiler for your home. One top concern that you must never forget is the efficiency rating of the device. However, not many homeowners clearly understand what boiler efficiency is and are, therefore, unable to make the best decision, on  a boiler installation, in this respect.

Boiler Installation North London Hampstead

A recent plumbing project involving a bathroom and boiler installation in Hampstead, North London NW3

What Makes a Boiler Installation Efficient?

According to experts, 60 percent of electricity bills comprise of heating costs. With such figures in mind, you need to ensure that your heating system consumes as little power as possible while serving your needs appropriately. An energy efficient boiler is one that meets these requirements.

Boiler Efficiency Calculations

There exist various efficiency rating standards that you can use to identify the best boiler to pick. In the United Kingdom, the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers (SEDBUK) is applicable. The efficiency ratings come in alphabetic letters where A denotes a very efficient boiler, and G symbolises an inefficient one.

Additionally, you may get efficiency ratings in percentages with 90 being indicative of a device that will serve you well in this regard. The ratings show the percentage of fuel that the boiler transforms into heat. A device with a score of 85, for instance, is one that converts 85% of fuel to heat while the remaining 15% escapes up a home’s chimney.

Information Sources for Efficient Units

It makes a lot of sense to get credible boiler efficiency information as this is the only way to make sound choices. Consequently, you may visit the SEDBUK home page for this information or check out boiler efficiency reviews online. However, it is only with the help of a boiler installation professional that you can make the best selection since there are numerous makes and models of devices available.

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Boiler Installation and Maintenance The Importance of Power Flushing

Once you have come to the decision of getting a new boiler, there are a few other things that you will have to think about. For instance, power flushing is one of the services to keep in mind when getting a boiler installation. Installing a new boiler without power flushing will only lead to future maintenance expenses because the new installation will not last long. Most boiler installers will also provide flushing services that you can use when the need arises. Continue reading

New Boiler Installation: 3 Things You Need to Confirm from an Expert

Just because somebody or a maintenance company has suggested a boiler replacement, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go through with it. While it may be alright to leave those issues to the plumber you have picked, it’s wise to obtain a second opinion. Nevertheless, having your old boiler replaced with a more efficient new boiler installation. It may not be a straight forward process. It makes great sense to know the kind of considerations and questions to ask your plumber. Continue reading