Combi Boiler Installation in London: When Space at a Flat Is Premium

People certainly appreciate great things in small packages, and those living in flats are no exception. This makes combi boiler systems a top choice for flat dwellers. An article in Home Heating Guide on Combi Boiler Installation in London states that the latest-generation combi units pack potential for stabilising temperatures at home while helping the environment.Continue reading

Matching a Boiler Installation in North London with Underfloor Heating

Discussions on heating systems for your property may lead to ideas about considering adopting the so-called “underfloor heating” (UFH) option which aims generate radiant heat upwards from the floor surface. Although the arrangement dates back to Roman times, advances in boiler technology today gives this option increased potential for more comfort, especially when linked with combi boilers. Writing for The Green Home, Ben Jones said it may even work to extend the boiler’s operational lifespan. So if you live in North London and are looking for a plumber in Kensal Green, then make sure that they have experience of UFH installations.Continue reading

Call London Boiler Installation and Replacement Pros if These Show Up

In homes, some appliances and fittings simply last much longer than others. If your London boiler installation was a long time ago, htne you are not alone. In terms of longevity, nothing can possibly beat the humble-but-reliable boiler—a fixture which easily commands over 50% of your energy bills. That said, keeping the boiler in tip-top shape should be of utmost priority, as well as knowing the right time to call for companies that offer professional boiler installation in London for a replacement.Continue reading

Boiler Installation in London: Condensing Boiler for Energy Efficiency

In London, boilers are commonly used as the central heating system of many homes because of its ability to distribute heat through the home via water circulation. Around 2005-2007, it was mandated that any new installations of boilers in the United Kingdom have to be of the condensing kind, so if you are looking for a boiler installation in North London, make sure the boiler instalation company are familiar with condensing boilers. This legislation has cut energy bills of Boiler Installation in London by up to 35% since that time.Continue reading

Combi Boiler Installation in London: Worth the Investment?

When shopping around for a new boiler installation in London, you may want to consider the so-called “combi” boilers. A combi boiler can be especially beneficial for an older house that has made use of the same boiler from the beginning. In an article for the informational website Boiler Guide, Robin Whitlock says such a system has a number of advantages going for them.Continue reading

Boiler Installation by North London Experts: Comfort and Efficiency

If you are letting out a property in North London, you want to make sure that the place is every bit comfortable for your tenants-to-be. A boiler that’s seen a lot of action but is no longer up to speed may spell trouble. This could mean you have to replace the unit altogether, you will need your north London boiler installation done by the experts. Writing for the Daily Mail’s This is Money section, Amy Andrews says that it may be “tempting” to hold on to the unit if it still appears reparable, but you never know when it’s going to clunk out. Continue reading

New London Boiler Installation Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Needs One

When it comes to home maintenance, many homeowners neglect to have their boiler equipment checked and so end up needing to have a new London boiler installation. As a piece of precision engineered equipment, it’s basically designed to last a long time so that only when problems such as loss of heat, weird noises, or leaks occur, do homeowners call for inspection. Most boiler failings are subtle so that the deficiencies are unnoticed for a while until one discovers that the damage has worsened irrevocably. Watch out for these signs to know when your boiler is starting to fail before it’s too late:
Continue reading