Stay Safe

A quick safety briefing as I’ve been reminded that this week is Gas Safety Week.

Gas is a safe and cost-effective way of heating homes and business premises providing that it is completely burned with any fumes safely vented to the open air. A product of the burning of any fuel is Carbon Monoxide gas (CO) Carbon monoxide gas can’t be seen, smelled or tasted, but can kill in minutes.

The main risk of carbon monoxide to the average person comes from faulty gas fires and central heating boilers in the home and workplaces, and from vehicle exhaust fumes in poorly-ventilated spaces.

Low exposures to CO can lead to unexplained feelings of tiredness or flu-like symptoms. Higher exposures, especially while you sleep, can be fatal.

The NHS records about 40 deaths a year in the UK caused by CO poisoning with about another 400 people attending hospital for treatment. Many people think that their smoke alarm will detect CO, they don’t.
Don’t risk the life of yourself or your loved ones by ensuring your gas appliance are regularly serviced. Please give me a call to book a simple safety check.

Consider also fitting a CO detector in your home. They take just a few minutes to fit and cost as little as £15 from DIY stores and supermarkets.