Plumber Tips: Using Heating Controls to Minimise Energy Consumption

All boilers have thermostat controls and the way you use them impacts your energy bills. Whether yours are advanced or involve just simple on and off mechanisms, there are ways you can operate them to your advantage. These plumber tips will get you started.

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Plumber Tips (1): Using simple boiler controls

If you’re using on and off controls, investigate whether they operate both the boiler and the hot water at the same time, or whether they operate them separately. During the summer months, using the switch to operate your water heater only can save a significant amount of money.

Some controls are mechanical, which means you can program the heating to come on during certain periods. If you have consistent weekend and weekday routines, setting the boiler to come on during specific periods prevents you from turning it on and leaving it on for longer than is necessary.

Plumber Tips (2): Venturing into more advanced controls

If you have a room thermostat, consider setting it to 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 16 to 18 degrees at night. When the rooms in your home reach these temperatures, your boiler will switch off until it drops below those levels.

If you’d like to take those energy saving benefits a step further, why not ask your plumber to install individual room controls? It’s rare that even the busiest of family homes use every room at the same time. As such, being able to control individual temperatures can have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Irregardless of which boiler controls you have, there are ways you can use them to your advantage. To ensure the technique you choose works, implement it and look at your energy bills each month. When you find one that’s effective, stick with it for lasting results.

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More Plumber Tips

A Professional Plumber Can Help You Reduce your Overall Heating Costs

When it comes to energy costs, around 50 percent come from central heating systems. If you’ve found that your bills have been rising in recent months, there are ways you can use a professional plumber to reduce them. The trick is to know what questions to ask.

Questions To Ask A Professional Plumber

Is your system up-to-date?

While few people want to go through the hassle of having their boiler replaced, getting a new one can see a significant reduction in your energy bills. Most gas models that have been produced since 2005 are more efficient, as they recover more heat from the burning gas. If you use an oil boiler, aim for those made since 2007.

If your boiler is up-to-date, you might want to look into installing more efficient controls. Using the guidance of a gas safe engineer, you can identify controls that allow you to use heat only when you want it, in specific areas of your home. At the same time, you can enquire about chemical inhibitors that’ll make your system more efficient.

Getting more out of an existing heating system

Something as simple as flushing your system can reduce the risk of corrosion and improve the flow of energy, which in turn makes them more efficient. When you don’t have to use as much gas to heat a system that is worn down, your bills should drop. Ask a professional plumber to explain how a power flushing service, you prolong the life of your radiators, which reduces costs in the long run.

If you’ve seen a rise in your energy bills, it’s always worth consulting a professional plumber to see if adaptations to your current system will resolve the problem.

A Professional Plumber

A recent bathroom installation by the professional plumbers In North London

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Plumbers Share How You can Identify the Causes of Dripping Water Taps

A dripping water tap can cause you a lot of grief, especially when you are trying to sleep because of the distracting sounds produced. Besides that, the wastage of water alone should have you hiring a plumber. The water dripping from a tap can add up to a large quantity, which means high bills.

Hiring a plumber will help you deal with such a problem. It is, however, important to find out the cause of the dripping taps so that you may know how to avoid or detect future problems.

Reasons To Hire A Plumber

Hiring a plumber in North London to install a new bathroom.

Reasons For Hiring A Plumber

Washer Troubles

One problem that may be causing your taps to leak is an issue with the washer. A washer is usually at the stem of a tap to seal it, and if its installation is not right, then water will pass through, causing leakage. There will also be dripping if the washer is of the wrong size or is worn out. It is crucial to get a professional to fix the washer if it is the cause of the problem.

Worn Out O-Rings

Cartridge taps have O-rings, and when they wear out, they can cause dripping. With the continued usage of a tap, the O-ring can become loose around the cartridge, allowing water seepage. A plumbing service will provide the necessary repairs in such an instance.

Leaking Seals

Taps have inlet and outlet seals that can fill up with dirt after continued use. Once this happens, the quality of the seals will degrade causing water to drip. It is important to clean the outlets and inlets to avoid this.

Whatever the cause of your leaking tap is, get an expert to fix it. If the problem is an emergency situation, then find a plumbing service that will come urgently. Leaving a tap leaking of a long time may also lead to sink or floor damage.

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Plumbers Explain the Basics of Bathroom Installations when Upgrading

People spend quite a bit of time in bathrooms. Your bathroom maintenance should get the same attention as any other part of our home. In most cases homeowners take care of other parts of the plumbing systems and forget about their bathrooms. You need to make your plumbers explain the details.

When you wake up one morning and find that your shower head is not working, you will understand the importance of your bathroom. If you intend to upgrade your bathroom, there are various fundamentals that you can’t overlook that only a professional plumber can provide.

Plumbers explain the details of a bathroom installation

Plumber explaining issues around a bathroom replacement in North London

Pick the Best Plumbing Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom will contribute a lot to the kind of experience you have. Always aim for bathroom fixtures of the best quality. If you are getting an upgrade for your bathroom, ensure that a plumber gets them for you. Look at custom shower heads and more comfortable toilets. A plumbing company that offers installation services can provide sanitary ware that you can select from to upgrade your bathroom.

Maximising Space Use

Another element that a professional plumbing company will help you with when providing bathroom installations is utilising the space you have. The space you have in your bathroom will determine how the installation goes. An expert will know how to select installations that will work well with your room and leave you enough space to move around. If you want thermostat towel rails, an expert will know where to install them.

Conserving Energy With An Efficient Boiler

When getting new installations for your bathroom, think about energy conservation. Make your plumbers explain about the products that will help you save water. For instance, water-saving shower heads can help you reduce your water and energy bills. The market is full of efficient bathroom installations but picking the right ones may not always be easy.

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Plumbers Share the Common Errors by Homeowners in Heating Installation

Just like in other places, homeowners in Harrow England often experience the elements that make their homes cold. In such instances, it becomes apparent that they need professional heating installation.

While some homeowners get the projects right with the help of plumbing professionals, the installations do not go well for others who opt to forego expert assistance. Such failed projects result from common mistakes that homeowners make at the preparation stage.

Heating Installation In North London

Example of a recent heating installation by LB Plumbers in Hampstead, North London NW3

Wrong Sizes of Heating Installation Equipment

Some people err by buying heaters of the wrong sizes. This consideration matters because you will be looking at high electricity bills, build-up up of mould in the ductwork, general discomfort, and damaged equipment if you get a heating system that is too large or too small.

Bad Positioning for Thermostats

Thermostats play fundamental roles in ensuring that property owners get the correct temperature readings. Unfortunately, some people place them next to cold or hot surfaces, which often results in skewed readings.

Blocking Return Vents

A return air vent is an opening in the floor that lets the indoor air get back into the furnace for heating. Since these vents are not attractive to some homeowners, they cover them or hide them away in places such as closets or under furniture and boxes. Covering the vents means that the air is restricted, and this results in the blower fans trying harder than necessary to pull it back.

Hiring Unprofessional Plumbing Contractors

Some homeowners hire unscrupulous contractors who may mislead them on the type of equipment to buy. These shady characters also mislead on the amount of time it will take to install the heating equipment successfully, which often results in additional costs, wasted time, and numerous inconveniences. You should trust only a professional plumber to carry out the installation process.

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Reasons to Hire a Plumber to Replace Your Cold Water Storage Cistern

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