Boiler Installation in London: Condensing Boiler for Energy Efficiency

In London, boilers are commonly used as the central heating system of many homes because of its ability to distribute heat through the home via water circulation. Around 2005-2007, it was mandated that any new installations of boilers in the United Kingdom have to be of the condensing kind, so if you are looking for a boiler installation in North London, make sure the boiler instalation company are familiar with condensing boilers. This legislation has cut energy bills of Boiler Installation in London by up to 35% since that time.

Boiler Installation in London Condensing Boiler for Energy Efficiency

For a proper boiler installation in North London homes, plumbing companies like LB Plumbing and Heating have the highest quality of materials from renowned manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Adey, and Heatrae Sadia. Experienced heating engineers also ensure to be updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry for better delivery of services for customer satisfaction. It’s also advisable to choose plumbers and heating contractors registered in the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) for quality boiler installations and replacements.

Compared to other types, condensing boilers have 25% less CO2 emissions, thereby making the system more efficient, which then leads to a reduction in monthly energy bills. Large residential units often opt for conventional boilers while single individuals acquire combi boilers in their homes. A worthwhile investment, as the lower amount you have to pay every month will eventually make up for the initial cost of installing boilers.

Built to address combined needs for heat radiators and tap water, combi boilers are often preferred for space-saving single structure design without buyers having to spend much of their income. In this “combined” arrangement, the boiler will not only give you running tap water for the whole day, but it will also keep you comfortable inside your house through powering up the radiators. To experience these benefits, it is most effective if you leave the installations to the capable hands of boiler installers in London.

Boiler Installation In North London – Things To Remember

Regardless of the type of boiler or central heating, a number of factors have to be considered before calling for help. Besides the budget for the project, the steam that new condensing boilers produce might be a nuisance to neighbours and family members. The size of the home and your living habits will also determine the most suitable boiler that will accommodate heating requirements.

Vailant Boiler Installation North London Hampstead NW3

Assessing the energy efficiency of your home will help you decide if you have to replace your old gas boiler when you need to do a Boiler Installation in London. Bear in mind the various advantages of modern boilers, as they can be both functional and environment-friendly central heaters.

The term condensing boiler refers to the fact the boilers generate condense as part of their heating process. In order to take advantage of the latent heat within the condensate, condensing boilers use a secondary heat exchanger, or occasionally a bigger heat exchanger. As a result of this procedure, a condensing boiler can pull more heat than a regular boiler.

Boiler efficiency. A good condensing boilers are at least 90% efficient. The official evaluation for boiler efficiency is the ‘SEDBUK’ scale. SEDBUK stands for ‘Seasonal Efficiency of a National Boiler in the UK’. Greenstar condensing boilers reach the greatest possible efficiency class – SEDBUK Group ‘A’.

What’s SEDBUK?

The SEDBUK evaluation was developed under the UK Authorities’s ‘energy efficiency best practice programme’ with the cooperation of boiler makers, including Worcester and Vailant. It supplies a foundation for rational comparison of different versions of boilers. The SEDBUK rating is the average yearly efficiency achieved in typical domestic scenarios. It takes into account reasonable assumptions about climate, management, pattern of use and other variables that are similar. The evaluation is calculated from lab tests together with other significant variables including UK climate, fuel used, ignition kind, boiler type, boiler water content and typical domestic use routines.

Learn more by by asking your local North London Installer which is the most relevant condensing boiler for you.


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