Boiler Installation in London: Three Boiler Types and Their Benefits

Boiler installation in London, through companies like LB Plumbing & Heating, can be done more conveniently if you know what type of boiler you prefer. To assist homeowners with their choice, below are common boiler types and their features:

Combination Boilers

There are three leading boiler types, namely, combination, system, and conventional. The most frequently used in the U.K. is the combination (or combi) boiler, which is fuelled by either electricity or gas. Its efficiency in providing central heating and hot water simultaneously without using any tanks or cylinders makes it popular.

Gas boiler. Examination of equipment before insallation
With combi boilers, residents get to enjoy an infinite supply of hot water for their baths or showers whenever they desire, as well as consistent heat throughout the house. Since combi boilers don’t utilise tanks, the system also takes up limited space in the home, allowing for flexibility in home layout and renovation.

The only downside of combi boilers is the water pressure, which may not be at its maximum level when the boiler serves multiple hot water demands at the same time. Still, for small houses or for households that require a small amount of hot water, a combi boiler would be the best choice.

This is boiler type is also thought to be an extremely efficient type of condensing boiler which just uses a little space in anyone’s house. It’s great if someone intends to update an old boiler to a kind that is more efficient to have combi boilers.

System Boilers

The system boiler or sealed system has a water cylinder but does not maintain a water tank. System boilers are capable of providing hot water for different sources simultaneously, making it suitable for large families or households. Due to the nature of the system, which requires hot water storage, heating the water for direct use or for centralised heating isn’t instantaneous. The supply of hot water is also limited, requiring the system some time to produce hot water again.

Since most of the heating components are built into the system boiler itself, once the hot water is ready, the system can speedily pump the water through the heater and radiator, and into the cylinder, making the whole process faster and more cost-efficient.

System Boiler tend to be a large sort of boiler that’s composed of pressure gauge, pressure relief discharge valve, pressure vessels, and filling system. It typically has a flow pump within the boiler. The great thing about system boilers is that hot water can be found in multiple places at exactly the same time and that there’s no tank wanted in the house. Yet, hot water isn’t immediately delivered because the heating procedure needs time to deliver results.

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers or open vent/regular boilers work much like system boilers in that they have a cylinder. The only difference is it has a cold water tank and a separate feed, which are usually housed in the loft. The tank and feed supplies the cylinder. Like system boilers, the hot water in conventional boilers are only as good as the capacity of the cylinder, and residents need to wait for more water to be heated.

Regardless of what boiler type you have installed in your home, every boiler requires proper inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement. To get the most out of your heating and hot water system, make sure you consult experts in boiler installation in London to keep your system running.

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Boiler Installation In London HampsteadBoiler Installation In London: Alternatives Types

Boilers are crucial things in anyone’s house. If you a reconsidering a boiler installation in London then it’s a fundamental tool for delivering hot water for the home, but it is often taken for granted due to its familiarity. These are the main boiler types. You may also find the following:

Condensing Boiler

Gas oil fuels most condensing boilers. It’s known for discharging water vapours while warming. Such a boiler is growing to be very popular in United Kingdom. Producers say that condensing boilers have a 98% thermal efficiency which describes its warming proces that is rapid because it gets additional heat from the fuel. What this means is that there’s more heat generated with energy consumption low and exactly the same fuel getting the owner to save money.

Warming Boiler

Warming boiler is the standard kind of boiler that just warm the water. There’s absolutely no sealed system, no pumps, or DHW-generating parts in it. It only warm the water that you just use.


If there’s lots of space in a house, permutations would be recommended. It combines properties from different boiler types and can be useful if you have very specific requirements that are not being met by one of the standard installation types.

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