Combi Boiler Installation in London: Worth the Investment?

When shopping around for a new boiler installation in London, you may want to consider the so-called “combi” boilers. A combi boiler can be especially beneficial for an older house that has made use of the same boiler from the beginning. In an article for the informational website Boiler Guide, Robin Whitlock says such a system has a number of advantages going for them.

Combi Boiler Installation in London Area Is Well Worth the Investment

Londoners will want to seize on any opportunity to have quality heating equipment at home, which can also help lower utility expenses especially at a time when energy prices are high. This opens the door for a combi boiler installation in London by reputable firms like LB Plumbing and Heating.


The justification for replacing the existing boiler with a combi lies in the capabilities of the current machine. Many conventional boilers are of the “heat-only” type, which has two cold-water tanks and a hot-water tank. These can take up a good deal of space wherever they are set up, especially if all three tanks have large volumes.

Combi boilers work around the problem by linking up with the house’s water main. A unit will have a number of output pipes for the regular plumbing grid and the central heating grid. Whitlock says such a setup enables you to have a power shower installed in the bathroom.

The Time Is Right

The number of bathrooms available in your home also narrows your options. Some experts say that combi boilers are optimal for flats or smaller homes that only have one bathroom. Combis in houses with at least two bathrooms will be tasked from servicing two taps at a time.

Consult your boiler installation service about whether to place the combi where the existing unit is, as this will help govern the connection layouts. In a number of cases, such a move may be light on the pocket. Observers claim you may spend no more than £600 for a replacement in the same location; but expect up to three times that amount if you have to place the combi in a new location. The savings you generate from utility bills, however, can more than offset the initial costs.

In the field of utilities, every penny counts when it means clean energy, as well as hot water for your home anytime you need it. Make it happen by calling an expert in London boiler installations today.

(Source: The benefits of having a combi boiler, Boiler Guide)

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Boilers over ten years old are not tremendously efficient, converting as little as 60% of fuel into usable heat. A modern condensing boiler has a considerably greater efficiency, capable of converting over 90%, leading to a more efficient heating system that helps the ecosystem and saves you money.

Our expertise in the heat sector enables us to supply customers with guidance on what their house needs in terms of heating systems. Because of the expertise of our team our customers are given the best heating advice that decreases their carbon impact and reduces their energy bills.

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