Matching a Boiler Installation in North London with Underfloor Heating

Discussions on heating systems for your property may lead to ideas about considering adopting the so-called “underfloor heating” (UFH) option which aims generate radiant heat upwards from the floor surface. Although the arrangement dates back to Roman times, advances in boiler technology today gives this option increased potential for more comfort, especially when linked with combi boilers. Writing for The Green Home, Ben Jones said it may even work to extend the boiler’s operational lifespan. So if you live in North London and are looking for a plumber in Kensal Green, then make sure that they have experience of UFH installations.


The above may lend itself to Londoners seeking to hunker down as the damp English summer rolls in. Trends in the past few years pointed to wet and cold summers and it may affect people trying to settle down for warmth even in the middle of the year. When you want a gold standard for sheer comfort and all-around warmth through a UFH, a company like LP Plumbing and Heating can hook up a combi boiler installation for your North London home.

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It pays to learn more about the intricacies of an underfloor heating system before you ever embark on the installation. A UFH system relies on a zigzag cable flue circuit installed just above the floorboards and sandwiched between plywood, a floor probe, and your tiles. These carry the heating/cooling load to and from the boiler with a manifold managing the load before it gets into the heating circuits themselves, but if you have radiators, your contractor should place them on a different circuit. Boilers linked to UFH systems often have delivery temperatures of between 30 and 45 degrees Celsius.

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The intricacy of the UFH circuit demands a boiler system that can churn up an optimal amount of heating from burning all the fuel it is fed with, even when you’re in the market for a London boiler replacement. Under the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the U.K. programme, all boilers – especially combis – must have an efficiency rating of at least 88%. This will be vital, Jones says, if the “heating circuit return temperature is lower than the dew point of the gases produced.”


Mating a UFH with a combi lends itself to some marked benefits. According to Jones, as UFH work on condensed material, a combi boiler can stay in condenser mode without the risk of corroding the heat exchanger.

You deserve the utmost comfort at home, even as you walk on the floor barefoot. That’s why adequate heating solutions like those available at LP Plumbing and Heating can work wonders on your health and quality of life. Why not make that leap today?

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Boiler Installation North London

After you have made the decision to install an underfloor heating system at home, you should consider the process by which your system will be powered: Typically a boiler already exists within a property, so it’s a question of how does it get integrated.

Question: Can the boiler reach the temperatures needed to heat the floor and the general hot water?

Solution: Underfloor Heating Matched With Combi Boilers:

The heat generated by the combi can be used for additional input into the underfloor system.

So why choose and underfloor Heating method With Combi Boilers: To Improved Efficiency. When older boilers were designed, they were limited when it comes to efficiency of operation. This was to restrict the chance of inadvertent condensation that could lead to the corrosion of parts of the heat exchanger. Nevertheless, condensing functioning only happens when the return temperature is not high and for a standard radiator system, that will mainly happen during the leading part of the heat time, whilst the system is in its cold state.

Condensing boilers are typically fired using gas whether natural gas or LPG. To be most effecient the burners are fitted with modulating controls to match the heating demand as closely as possible. The effect of this is that carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption are reduced.

Using Underfloor Heat With Combi Boilers Raises the Life Span of Your Boiler:

Careful thought must be given in situations where an underfloor heating system is linked to a standard non-condensing boiler to prevent regular cycling and low return temperatures under low load conditions. If this happens boiler life will be reduced.

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