North London Boiler Installers Tips to Make Your Home Safe

Gas boilers are an important part of any home in North London and anywhere else in the U.K. They are the main source of heating for cooking meals, staying warm on a cold night or having a nice relaxing bath. Despite their usefulness, gas boilers could become faulty if you don’t take care of them properly. To avoid that risk and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, follow these simple boiler installation and maintenance tips to ensure the safety of your home, make sure your North London boiler installers follow this guide.

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Professional Installation

As with any essential equipment in the house, you would only benefit from professional installation. The experts say that boilers need to be installed by Gas Safe engineers to ensure that that they are properly fitted into your home and that there are no leaks. Before you have work done, always ask to see an engineer’s ID to make sure that they are truly qualified to handle the task. Look for Gas Safe-registered boiler installers in London like Ray Le Blanc from LB Plumbing & Heating.

Regular Maintenance

As the homeowner, it is also your responsibility to regularly check if your gas boiler is working properly. Firstly, don’t tamper with it in anyway and make sure that everyone in the house uses it only for its intended purpose. Routine checks should comprise of making sure that the boiler is on the right setting, checking that all ventilation routes are clear and that all safety devices are working. Lastly, make sure to have boilers replaced by Gas Safe-registered engineers.

Stay Vigilant

The National Health Service reports that as many as 50 people perish each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning, so you’ll need to stay vigilant to notice any sigh of carbon monoxide presence in your home. You must equip your home with an audible carbon monoxide alarm and place it near your gas appliances. You also need to be familiar with some common warning signs of faulty appliances and leaks like sooty stains, orange or yellow gas flames instead of crisp blue and difficulty with lighting fires.

Safety in your home should be your first concern. Only purchase boilers from reputable manufacturers and have them installed by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Companies like LB Plumbing & Heating can help you with that.

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Having to get repairs in your boiler can be as pricey and it’s not convenient. But what do you should know about boiler care?

The Essentials Of Boiler Maintenance

With a regular service from a qualified North London Boiler Installer, you can expect:

  • Regular review and cleaning of parts and pipes
  • Replacing of any components which are no longer working

Boiler care is key to ensuring your boiler is not dangerous. While uncommon, gas leaks are hard to find and can be dangerous. Having professional work carried out in your boiler is the sensible way to protect your family and home against such catastrophe. It’s vital that you notice that work should not be carried out by anyone besides a competent professional boiler installation expert. All our engineers are competent and Gasoline Safe qualified.

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