New London Boiler Installation Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Needs One

When it comes to home maintenance, many homeowners neglect to have their boiler equipment checked and so end up needing to have a new London boiler installation. As a piece of precision engineered equipment, it’s basically designed to last a long time so that only when problems such as loss of heat, weird noises, or leaks occur, do homeowners call for inspection. Most boiler failings are subtle so that the deficiencies are unnoticed for a while until one discovers that the damage has worsened irrevocably. Watch out for these signs to know when your boiler is starting to fail before it’s too late:

Carbon Monoxide Leaks
The temperature and water pressure is inconsistent. You’ve set the thermostat at a certain level and then start to notice consistently unusual fluctuations in the amount and temperature of water coming out.

Strange noises emanate from it. The boiler makes unusual sounds such as knocking, whistling, popping, and hissing. The water may be unevenly distributed when heated or there could be air bubble formation on the pipes.

There’s a need to adjust it most of the time. You’re supposed to feel comfortable if your boiler is working fine. But if you’re adjusting the thermostat higher and higher in order to get a more consistent level of heating comfort, it may need some tuning up or replacement.

There is water leakage. Leakage is normal since boilers use water. Usually, leaks appear along areas where there are joints to be tightened or covers to be closed. But when leakage comes in copious amount or if there’s excessive rusting and scaling on the boiler skin and pipes, it can be a sign that your boiler is beginning to fail.

Broken Boilers: Carbon monoxide, silent killer

A broken boiler can leak carbon monoxide, a potentially fatal emission that builds up with improper combustion. Carbon monoxide poisoning can reduce the blood’s ability to transport oxygen throughout the body, and the lethal thing about this gas is that it is odourless. Carbon monoxide leak is highly likely when the boiler pilot light dies out frequently, or when the gas appliance appears scorched, flickering yellow flames instead of blue. If you suspect carbon monoxide leak, leave the property immediately, and have heating and plumbing technicians inspect your boiler or gas appliance. Take note that a London boiler installation can only be safely carried out by a fully registered Gas Safe engineer.

When it’s too old, shift to a Combi Boiler

The number one indicator that your boiler has seen better days is its age. Boilers more than 20 years old will have abundant build-up of sediment and grime. The old models would hardly match the efficiency standards of modern-day models like Combi boilers, which are available from London boiler installations contractors, such as LB Plumbing and Heating. For family safety, heating comfort, cost-efficiency, and long-term service, better replace your boiler with a new one, than endure an old, disintegrating boiler that will only strain you with unending repairs and high heating bills.

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