Your Plumber Can Help You Gain Govt. Approval For A Bathroom Refurbishment

Homeowners who need or want bathroom refurbishment will have some things to take care of before the project can begin. One of them is securing the necessary approvals. GOV.UK states that going ahead with the work without approval leads to consequences such as fines, penalties. Also problems can arise with the inability to get certificates of compliance when selling the home. Your plumber can help.

Fortunately, your plumber can help you apply for the approvals you need to have before conducting bathroom refurbishment. Two approvals your plumber can help you with are planning permission and building regulations.

You Plumber Can Help With Planning Permission

Planning Portal explains that planning permission is required for most new building construction. Aslo major modifications to existing buildings or to the local environment. When it comes to bathrooms, maintenance or replacement generally doesn’t require a planning permission. If the project would be for a listed building, however, it’s best to check with the Local Planning Authority.

Building Regulations Your Plumber Knows About

The building regulations are applicable to the construction of a new building. Also to the extension of an existing building. In addition, many types of alteration projects will also require building regulations approval. For the bathroom, this approval will be needed for bathroom installation involving plumbing. Particularly for electrics alteration near a shower or bath, and installation of fittings (e.g. washbasin, toilets, urinals, WCs, showers).

Applying for Required Approvals

The U.K. Government’s Planning Portal allows online applications for planning permission and other similar consents. For building regulations, homeowners have two options: apply with the local authority building control body (BCB) or with a private approved inspector. The former can also be done online via Submit a Plan. Approved private inspectors are listed on the U.K. Construction Industry Council (CIC) Approved Inspectors Register. If your plumber is registered in a competent person scheme, you may forego applying for government approvals.

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